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  1. Bunch of random semi connected thoughts I have on the subject

  2. --an says:

    Poll choices don't make sense. I use optimized avatars and don't block poorly optimized ones. I do hide some people manually whenever I notice something truly horrendous like 50+ skinned meshes and 100+ material slots.

  3. I did this and got an error saying I must own the fallback avatar before I can set it on the robot model.

  4. --an says:

    Yep, I get the same thing now. It didn't take them long to fix it.

  5. I was hosting a group-only lobby recently and it joined that too. I had no idea what it was (I thought it was a rogue admin), so I reported it to the support team. Incredibly, they didn’t tell me it was an admin bot, I got the usual “we’ll look into it.” I didn’t learn it was a bot until I searched in the vrc discord and found people talking about it.

  6. --an says:

    Group instances I can kind of understand because the worlds API returns group instances to all players. That means that you too can see group instances you can't even join. The bot of course is a moderator so it doesn't care about joining restrictions and can barge right in.

  7. Interesting. Now, did you do anything to attract its attention? Almost 2 hours logged in the same server as it is... interesting

  8. --an says:

    There's nothing interesting about that. The bot normally joins the most popular public worlds and stays for 1 minute each time before jumping to the next one. I'm just in publics a lot. This is the first time I saw it outside a public instance.

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