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  1. She and her husband truly seem like good people.

  2. Do you think they ever talk about how they’ve both made out with Natalie Portman?


  4. Can't eject if you were obliterated by the SAM blast

  5. Can’t eject if the army had to commandeer your seat’s ejection charge.

  6. What are you even talking about? Why do so many people try to make it seem like Japanese were worse than Nazis in ww2? We didn't even have death camps like Germany did

  7. They didn’t need death camps because they were exterminating people in their own homes. Japan killed millions in China.

  8. Processed food were still fairly new and people were figuring out how to be creative with them. It was a dark time in culinary history.

  9. Cookbooks were like: microwave an entire chicken for 40 minutes.

  10. At the very start I thought the $53k for 4 years of Harvard was the part that didn't age well

  11. Estimated annual living expenses: $7500

  12. I want the confidence of Dennis. The body of Mac. The brain of Charlie. The sex drive of Frank. And the wings of Dee.

  13. The CDC was founded shortly after WW2 as a direct response to the epidemic of syphilis this man caused.

  14. This sub is plagued with serial reposing accounts.

  15. Rey’s theme is the only piece I can remember.

  16. You don't really think they're helping the problem do you? Also, a cairn is ONLY supposed to be a marker, and always is important. Perhaps they should have made a distinction if they're so sure of themselves? If it's for a post, it's not the same thing.

  17. The whole reason I go hiking is to get away from manmade bullshit for a little while. If OP’s knocking over what’s essentially just a bunch of “i wuz here” signs, then they’re helping.

  18. On PCT there are some particularly long sections that use them for navigation.

  19. All the more reason to knock down the ones clearly just built out of vanity.

  20. No matter your age, it’s okay to think an 18 year old is sexually attractive.

  21. People who don't know what they are talking about always hear semi automatic rifle, and the media definitely perpetuates that on purpose. It is hilarious how many people think a gun with black colored plastic is inherently more dangerous than a gun with wood too.

  22. This. I’ll get on board with forms of gun control that isn’t just demonizing guns that look scary.

  23. Which is fine because higher altitude has lower concentrations of oxygen. Perfect for AMS.

  24. Air at higher altitudes has the same concentration of oxygen as lower altitudes, there’s just less air in general.

  25. The antibiotics in the 10% of beef product in the patty offsets the food poisoning

  26. The other 90% of the patty being salt does the rest.

  27. Ive seen these comments for so long lol. Hate to break it to you but magic isn’t real.

  28. This comment is always so much more annoying.

  29. I have a hazy memory, are we sure the baby is even born? Maybe she has to give herself an abortion.

  30. I mean, she’s far enough along that something resembling a baby has to come out, regardless.

  31. Nonono it’s because he was hiding them under his tongue

  32. And there’s the pickles from last time, too!

  33. I don't know why people think Apple gadgets shouldn't be discussed in

  34. Because apple is anti consumer, and anyone who cares about technology should see through their deceit and realize what they are.

  35. Do we as a modern society have such short attention spans that we can't even dedicate 5 seco

  36. Yeah and endgame was still kind of floating around when this came out. As soon as she said I cringed. Would of been hilarious if he said I am the senate.

  37. I read it as he was so annoyed with his kid he started drinking. But maybe I'm projecting.

  38. I think the character is an adult, but artistically she’s definitely supposed to be loli coded.

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