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  1. Confused? Moist post vid with dildos on the reg.

  2. Great idea! I think a new version of live calls that could work is what Ryan Sickler does—having fans call in with crazy life stories or experiences. It could be a good segment on Tuesday's ep.

  3. Glad coach Malone used his challenge, and the last 2 time-outs with our starters played 37+ min

  4. He’s arguing with kids that have never watched boxing before

  5. Obvious ChatGPT post is obvious

  6. How you know?? Was curious if anyone could tell

  7. overly diplomatic and the "firstly," "lastly," etc makes it super obvious

  8. I’ll ask it next time to sound like an immature teenager or Kendrick Perkins.

  9. It's important to support people for making health-focused lifestyle changes; however, your "joke" seems quite mean-spirited. OP, I would suggest reconsidering your approach.

  10. Maybe I should've added the quotes, but it's literally an exact quote from Ethan trying to describe himself from the Pod in his weight loss journey

  11. His car was like, “ I wish I knew you wanted me,” after crashing

  12. Yes, Ethan made a stupid threat to the Vatican, and not in a funny way, in a B word way. If he didn’t get banned and mass reported for saying it, might be funny

  13. Man only got two original owner cards

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