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We’re Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult, costars of the upcoming film RENFIELD, here to answer all your questions about bugs, bad bosses, and everything in between. AMA!

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  1. I love me some too-spicy soup so all the sickness can pour out of my face :)

  2. I thought this was supposed to be a meme and it’s everyone just correcting op? I’m so lost here

  3. Mr. Hoult, huge fan, everything you act in is very good!

  4. Hey, If the other two don’t make it, I’d love to grab your Java on stuff, never played one before!

  5. Damn. I've done more than that and no ber. But I've found enough gear to get a couple bers if someone will frigging buy it lol.

  6. I have a ber I wanna sell and I need better barb/pally gear, you on pc ladder?

  7. Will do! I’m at work rn but I’ll be home soon

  8. You should probably try getting in shape if you need all that trash for legs lmao

  9. You should probably try not being such a colossal douche bag.

  10. Nope, just think that you’re a colossal douche bag who should change their ways.

  11. I love this quote! Thank you for introducing me to it :)

  12. Im learning new Things still after playing almost a year now rly nice.

  13. Honestly dude, I learn new stuff all the time and I’ve been playing this game for like 15 years

  14. Seriously though. I cannot see why we allow this abhorrent animal rights abuse.

  15. Do you drop items when you die in hc? Cause you can’t come back and collect your corpse right.

  16. No, but in HC there is a option to allow people to loot your corpse in the party menu.

  17. Do people usually leave it on? I find that so funny

  18. This item was particularly fun in the 1.11 days, when you had random pubbies flaunt their wealth by dropping their expensive items on the ground and taunting people to come pick it up.

  19. Really want to make an item find barb but they sound super expensive to make in the first place

  20. I feel the same way, no idea how/where to start

  21. If you are new and alone, get rushed for forge. Level in baal runs. Put your skills into find items. Join cow/baal/chaos/tz games. Follow people around and hork the corpses.

  22. What are the best Mf items? I’m getting such bad luck this ladder

  23. If offline just hero editor it back. He earned it

  24. What I was getting at, was that he was trading, so he couldn’t be offline.

  25. Does it hurt anyone else when you blow your ears to depressurize too many times? I will suddenly get pain in my eyebrow area and ear pain, I don’t understand why though.

  26. When doing Scuba, the advice is to decrease depth and try again if you're having issues. Dont force it as that's how you get barotrauma on your eardrums and possibly rupture them.

  27. Also, I’d like you to know that you sound incredibly fun to play with

  28. Honestly not great, started a pally and tried him three different ways, he’s my first pally ever and I’ve been playing since 2004, so it surprised me cause people always said he was easiest.

  29. The scream i scrumpt when I first heard this voice line

  30. Don’t you ever just drop “scrumpt” in casual conversation again. That is incredible and must be saved for very special occasions.

  31. The slow is also negligible. So he pretty much only has vision concealment. His ult makes it way too easy to avoid the stun. Omen's ult is the next weakest in the controllers and I'd almost rather have that still.

  32. I don’t think he realizes his ult is about flushing people out of their spot and not about stunning them. It’s easy to dodge because you’re easy to pick while trying to get out of it.

  33. Yeah true, definitely you'll find a lot of people had the same initial read. GRRM himself romanticized the hell out of their relationship throughout the rest of the books too. The whole thing is used as character building for Daenerys- showing her mental strength and how she can adapt and overcome terrible situations, but she was just a child in an abusive situation doing what she had to do

  34. Isn’t that kind of all childhood trauma though? Like when they’re writing adults it becomes a little more clear they have full control of their actions and thus we hold them more accountable/give them credit. We say it’s kids just trying to live through something, yet adults kinda do that too, whatever it takes to survive.

  35. Yeah that's my point, it's her choices and character that allow her to get through the situation by thinking she loved Drogo even when it's clear she was forced. It wasn't some great romantic love story that shaped her, it was a traumatic situation she overcame.

  36. Looks great man! She kinda reminds me of Tiny Tina from Borderlands. This sketch has soul, that’s for sure

  37. Sorry english is my second language 😊

  38. In the case of your title, it would make more sense if you wrote it like this “Farming for the weekend, first Tal’s ammy, now this! What a ladder.”

  39. Oh I’ll freely admit I’m ass at this game, I just feel like I get dinked so fast for being such a low rank, and then watching people who are Immortal or Ascendant not get instantly murdered blows me away

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