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  1. If you're still looking for it, it's called Steel Bird.

  2. build 1 code for Emerald Peak: Spring Peak: 9194043141

  3. build 1 code for Emerald Peak: Spring Peak: 9194043141

  4. But Kasumi teached Haxxor how to leave and she left by her own, unless she meet with ferryman at some point, since captain was out cold and we already saw her on hyperion when he awake up.

  5. It's not explained/confirmed, but i want to believe the reason Bronie is able to leave is because she has "something" similiar to what Captain and Rita both have that was mentioned at the end of the

  6. Not including the flowers outside, maybe around 3x3 foundation of stone: fortunate times. The hallway is 2 rows of 3 Long Pine Tables with a floating rock at each end.

  7. On the Sealed Item's list, if you scroll down, you'll find something named "A-872's Records" above "Old Newspaper 1" and below "Alexandra's Record 11".

  8. CN because sometimes JP doesn't have any dub.

  9. Which Inazuman building did you use for the top part?

  10. Not op, but having Amber's ult be able to hit the flying Oceanid birds

  11. You always come up with genius build. Can I share this in

  12. I floated stone benches using the floating platforms. There are tutorials about it on youtube. Here's some of them.

  13. Exp boosts will also increase the amount of exp you get from dailies, and story missions.

  14. ELFs from Honkai are the first thing that come to mind.

  15. Both. Have to use boulders to do the floating glitch. Had to stack for some buildings.

  16. Does the clipping glitch still work? How did you do it?

  17. Yes. I don't know what it's like for playstation/mobile but the clipping glitch still works.

  18. I have difficulties using the charge attack of catalysts users.

  19. The only thing i didn't like is that you can't reposition her e like you can with oz.

  20. I have seen this brought up many times but aren't we used to similar skill like Kokomi's E? I mean, Mona's E is basically the same skill with the same limitations but nobody seems to care, it seems that suddenly it is a problem, and for Kokomi only. Also I've seen people criticizing Abyss' Corrosion like "miYoHo created a problem to sell you the solution" when is the same exact thing with Azhdaha and shields but at that time nobody cried (AFAIK).

  21. Yes. It is a nitpick. Can't speak for other people, but I only see Kokomi's inability to reposition her jellyfish as a minor inconvenience.

  22. my all time favorite is Fischl's despite it being one of the oldest.

  23. I don't share this sentiment.

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