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  1. Y’all if you want this but don’t want to pay for 2 drinks, just get a vanilla bean frap with extra strawberry purée on the bottom and a little on top, it should only be like 80¢ more and it won’t make your baristas hate you

  2. Not me literally crying, our job is so hard some times but so many of us got into it for the customers like you. Our genuine thank you’d are few and far between. Thank you for this

  3. The first starbucks drink I ever got was a sugar cookie almond milk latte. Shit slapped

  4. It’s just separated personally I wouldn’t ever get a refresher through the mobile app, also if it was really busy (meaning there was a long wait from the order box to the window) then it was sitting for a while.

  5. 368? Idk why but to me every single new partner is a 3211. We have 5 different 3211s at my store but we’ve all been there for a year

  6. Okay, so the Java chip, double chocolate chip. Mcc and mcc cream are all basically the same drink but.

  7. Baes who told you that you are ugly cause they lyin, You look gorgeous

  8. Looks to healthy, maybe if it is gluten free and with light ice.

  9. Hey, not cool. We were told, after two days of having zero heavy cream & half & half, that it'll be another two weeks before we'll get some. Seeing this hurts my soul a wee bit. 🥲😅

  10. Honestly, you look like a greek statue, if I were you I’d play on that.

  11. I'm a writer and I took accessibility training this week. I assumed it was going to focus on writing for blind people reliant on screen readers. So, I was surprised to learn it was actually about writing for neurodiverse audiences. The consultant explained that chunking text like this is helpful for people with ADHD and dyslexia.

  12. I’ve always written like this. Feels more comfortable having every chunk of words separate. When I was forced to read books I needed a piece of paper to underline where I was reading cause I would simply be unable to without it.

  13. My AirPods have been missing for a week, found them at the bottom of my makeup bag

  14. Mask mandate was still in place when I started working, it was lifted around March I believe, I wore a mask until may.

  15. Me: “Stop talking to me like a kid, you’re not in charge of me and you don’t need to take care of me”

  16. Extension of this. I absolutely hate when I am on CS trying to work through the mountain of dishes I found when I clocked in and I hear “can we start cold bar”

  17. Normally I give them a brown sugar shaken espresso with vsc instead of milk, same thing with “I need caffeine but don’t like coffee”

  18. Okay. Get a shaken espresso, no classic, cinnamon dolce syrup, a pump of dark caramel and a scoop of vanilla bean, oat milk, and cinnamon dolce cold foam. It’s amazing

  19. I’ve injured myself many stupid ways but I think the most pathetic might be on a toaster

  20. Not that dramatic but for around a 2 month period of time I would regularly hear someone walking around my house, breathing behind me etc I checked my whole house, every closet behind every couch, no one.

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