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Magik the Gathering [Fan Art]

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I spent three months on this Marvel Supernatural/Horror Themed Fan Edit (MCU & some non-MCU).. Here’s the Big Final Climax part of it - My Last attempt at posting this (Audio keeps getting distorted)

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  1. Looks great! I’ve been using Celine (currently Chapter 10) but I’m kind of digging Citrinne’s design.

  2. Alfred: Because you look like Dimitri but the voice doesn’t match :(

  3. Meanwhile Alcryst is one of my best units being able to whittle down bosses with Luna, and that can proc alongside the Edelgard or Leif rings, so he is an absolute great boss killer.

  4. Alcryst has been wonderful on the field. I didn’t expect to like him as a unit but that passive is so good.

  5. First impression: oh! This is kind of cool. It’s one of the better features of Midnight Suns.

  6. I strongly prefer the 3 Houses direction, and it sounds like I wouldn't actually like the regular Fire Emblem style much. I'm really happy that I figured this out before playing Engage and being disappointed exactly like you describe.

  7. I’m playing Engage now after finishing up Midnight Suns. If you are for the day-by-day/bonding gameplay, it might fill the itch.

  8. Binged it so hard that I thought it was really Winter when it was actually Spring Break 😓

  9. If you think about it, a two hour movie takes months to make. So does a three minute song. A lot of art is made with labour and love and then consumed much more quickly - I think it's just part of the nature of art.

  10. I wanted to add that it’s pretty fascinating how some music can be replayed over and over without us getting tired of it.

  11. I feel like the Limbos Grasp card IS Anya Taylor Joy lol looks like they used her actual pic

  12. I should check it out again. One of my favourite cards in the game 💪

  13. John Avon's Plains from Zendikar! Amazing piece of art in all ways possible :)

  14. I hope she’s voiced by a Filipino if she’s in the next game like Neon / Zeri

  15. Aww man, I was hoping Midnight Suns would have done better

  16. Yeah, it’s a shame. I’m currently in love with the game but I didn’t even plan on getting it on release. That week I purchased Crisis Core but I didn’t vibe with the gameplay and bought Midnight Suns to play instead.

  17. I got lucky and have Marked on Witchstorm. I love watching her spell animations.

  18. Spot on! I love the painting and details on the armour.

  19. Saw New Mutants yesterday. I thought it was alright. I don’t like how they made Illyana racist but I thought Anya was great. I hope she opens a portal into MCU.

  20. Being able to go on a mission only once a day. It feels restrictive. I know they did so that you would do some hangouts and stuff in the abbey but hangouts aren't offered every night and once you've explored the abbey fully - there are some nights where you just go to bed straight away so that the next day can come for you to do missions. It adds a bunch of steps just to do the next mission. I wish we had an option like - choose to do another mission or choose to back to the abbey for nightly activities.

  21. Agreed. They could have a limit of one mission for each hero per day.

  22. Enid and Wednesday had a way better chemistry than with any of the boys, fight me.

  23. Gorgeous edit. Fuck. I took a break from Midnight Suns and now it’s time to get back into it.

  24. If the band on the tank top is real, what's the name ?

  25. It’s her default attire in the game but the devs should probably put this merch out. There’s a “Magneto was right” T-shift lol.

  26. O that's clever! Beautiful art too, well done!

  27. The gameplay might not be for everyone but being a Marvel fan would really enhance the experience.

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