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  1. Is it just me or do both candidates kinda look like comic book villains?

  2. It's because somewhere along the line, we stopped buying things and started renting them instead

  3. Probably could be traced back to when renting movies was a thing lol

  4. Pump's fell off really hard i doubt hell ever come back as a rapper

  5. His recent singles have been bangers tho

  6. It honestly all just sounds like filler, apart from Adderall and Chapteltown

  7. Yeah the first three tracks were a really good start, but after that it all just fell apart imo

  8. Nigga evolved from being a dickrider, theres no name i can think of rn😮‍💨🤕

  9. It kind of was though. Fantano said Vespertine, Toxicity, and Discovery were all 10’s and they came from 2001.

  10. Nickelback's Silver Side Up was another 10 from that year too

  11. Valid(WORK), just because our lord and savior (FUCK OUTTA HERE) Sleezus Christ is there (MULA)

  12. are u just gonna keep making new accounts every time u get banned or something 😭😭😭

  13. Cannibal corpse kinda mid tho

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