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  1. Hamilton Public Library has the hardware to do this for free. They offer it at a bunch of locations.

  2. Oh that's amazing to hear they have that! My parents have a ton of old VHS tapes I've been wanting to go through, but was always afraid of putting them in a player in case if they got destroyed by the machine. Definitely gonna check this out.

  3. Oh man this makes so much more sense now. I had an appointment this morning and there was a Starbucks nearby, so I was like okay I'm gonna go get a little treat because I usually there's not one on my usual route to work. This location doesn't have a drive through and is pretty tucked away so I was surprised with how busy it was in there, like line was long but I was fine with waiting since I was going in later anyways. I ordered and was kinda confused when they gave me a cup, and just thought it might be some new sustainability thing they were doing or something lol.

  4. No news yet, I contacted Animal Cat Rescue and didn't get a response, I work very early too so I haven't been able to call the city!

  5. Oh perfect I was looking for something like this!! I will shoot her an email right away!

  6. I went to visit Poland and we stopped at this nice camp called Auschwitz, the tour guide wouldn't shut up about the Holocaust and completely ruined my vacation.

  7. I’m Canadian and I visited New Orleans a few years back and went to a plantation. When I get asked why I went I always say that if I didn’t go, I would feel like I'd be visiting Germany without going to Auschwitz. I don’t think I would have felt right enjoying all the great things New Orleans has to offer without getting some sort of education on how it came to be. I was really shocked by how many people just wanted to take pictures in front of the pretty trees and landscaping. To me I just felt like I was walking on a graveyard everywhere I went, I barely took any photos because I just felt like I was being disrespectful to the people who experienced an immense amount of suffering on those grounds. The ignorance of people is crazy, sounds like this lady just wanted to keep her head in the sand and have the Gone With the Wind experience.

  8. I'm so stealing this idea, this is awesome!!


  10. Ah I see you went for the Blair Witch style set up

  11. This is honestly one of my worst fears, I rent and now I'm wondering if there's any way to check if the cabinet is screwed into the stud without taking the whole thing off the wall.

  12. Not sure if this is a universal one or one used in just my family but we go by "If he's mean or an asshole everytime he's drunk, don't stay with him."

  13. Tough call. Either Special Agent OSO or Animal Mechanicals. Both were painful to watch.

  14. God I remember babysitting my cousin when she was super small and she was obsessed with Osso, full zombie when it came on. I remember her having a full meltdown one time after telling her she had to come eat her lunch in the middle of an episode. In my head I was like trust me, you won't miss what's going on that much.

  15. Mancala Monk Board Game Cafe on Cannon has a pretty huge selection in there, good variety of crunchy table top stuff, basic card games, D&D gear and Magic The Gathering cards. Plus I think you can rent out games which is nice. Now that indoor dining is open again I'm hoping to go there more often since I just moved to Hamilton recently, looks like a nice place to hang out!

  16. You gotta understand that plant is a graft. Do you want to grow dragon fruit or those “moon cactus”

  17. Not really picky! Just want the plant to live and be healthy. I learned that these were a graft and found out they don't live very long after I bought them. I know I will have to chop off the top portion eventually but I was more just curious as to what to do with this root mess I've made lol. I'm not sure if this set up is healthiest or if I even need to be doing it.

  18. Same! I have a few cacti and I've never seen any of them have arial roots before.

  19. Hi everyone! Just need some suggestions for what style of TV stand would fit in with what we have going on here. Everytime I've looked at stands I just can't picture what would fit. I think getting a black one would make it too dark in the room, and we're getting a hand me down TV from my parents soon that should be bigger than this one.

  20. Even worse is if it's a newer truck with LED headlights, so not only are they tailgating you but they're fucking blinding you as well.

  21. If it's only her and Moses in the house, how could you possibly drink that much creamer before it all goes bad.

  22. Hi everyone! So my boyfriend got to go to GDC (Game Developers Conference) in 2019 in San Francisco and they were giving out these water bottles. We just moved this year and he lost the lid for his and I'm looking for a replacement. The old one was a black screw cap with a molded handle on it. I tried searching for the "X" brand that's trademarked at the bottom of the bottle but I didn't seem to find anything that matched. Does anyone recognize the logo? If not we're also on the hunt for anything that might fit on it as a replacement!

  23. Might be an unpopular opinion but I think that using Power Word Kill in that way felt like a cheap shot. Like he was killing a PC for the sake of killing a PC. It gave the players no opportunity to fight back and it felt like they got their agency taken away. Especially because he interrupted the intense conversation they were having with Glenn to do it (might be an editing thing though).

  24. Maybe not the scariest book in the world, but reading Coraline by yourself as a little kid in your room at night does evoke some real terror and doesn't help put you to sleep that well.

  25. This looks like some 1984 futuristic hell shit

  26. What media are they in? It looks like coal?

  27. They're in charcoal chips mixed with some cactus soil. I'm a big newbie when it comes to these plants so I'm not even sure if I should have used those or not 😅

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