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  1. So, I use a variety of buy and sell venues. Online and Brick n Mortar. It’s come to my attention that no one is buying much of anything this quarter. We’re all super broke and can’t justify the “killer deal on mint condition Docs at 100” even though retail is 250$…maybe hold onto a few things till next quarter. See if you can move it then.

  2. This makes a lot of sense. Thank you for this!

  3. The funny thing is that this keyboard from work is not even a year old, meanwhile I have an older keyboard I used for many years and it still has all of the keys clearly visible. I assume it is the cheap material they used for imprinting the keys.

  4. Tamari Thompson at Lindsay Tsang & Associates

  5. I second her as well. Tamari helped me go through a rough patch in my life. I saw on the website that she currently isn't taking new clients, but not sure if it is updated or not.

  6. I actually met with Bill (and his dog Yoshi!) in person and he is such a sweet and tough individual.

  7. The real travesty is the failure on our governments on all levels for not being transparent with us, plus a media who doesn't question the government (unless it suits a certain narrative).

  8. Not surprised this is considered news when it's a published blogTO article.

  9. That's the question I would like to know - to my knowledge my dad and uncles had things split (my grandpa died years before). I don't get how they missed valuable things like a family photo album or things belonging to my grandma.

  10. Hi, everyone. I know this is a bit late, but I am helping out with RVH's Auxiliary 50/50 lottery.

  11. My wife’s friend actually makes and sells them for the Mid-Autumn Festival. I can connect you to her if you are interested.

  12. More bullshit from Canada who want to earn brownie points from the US. Surprised they don’t let her in since she basically turned into a Democrat.

  13. I use Simcoe IT Solutions for my business computer stuff. He can find out whats wrong and even tune up your PC.

  14. Yea, I know French. No recordings of the whole debates. Kinda feels weird... Maybe I just can't find it?

  15. I am actually learning French and wanted to watch it, but couldn’t find it for the life of me. Not even Google helped. You think would have that on the home page.

  16. You can find it searching for TVA nouvelles face a face something like it :)

  17. I know a really cool yoga instructor in my business network, but I am not sure if he does private sessions in homes. If you are interested, I can connect you with him. He is from Divine Connection Yoga.

  18. I always love coming back to the witty writing. My favourite part is reading “My Secret Life, chapter three” in the crappy house outside of Onett.

  19. Thank you for sharing this. I actually have a Globe subscription and didn’t see the story until I came here.

  20. Wow - what a coincidence, just watched this on Jimmy Dore recently (happening in the States as well). They said it was happening for a while, but now these investors with deep pockets want to make it the norm for people to rent.

  21. Realistically, who is able to pay this in Barrie? People who work in the GTA with better jobs who can afford it and are willing to pay the price.

  22. There’s one saying “now entering Peggy Hill country” when leaving angus towards Barrie. With her crossed arms and the creepy look of plastic surgery.

  23. Georgian Detailing <--- Nate & Andrew will take great care of you

  24. Second them! If you are looking for quality detailing, go with them.

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