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Big stick insect

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  1. I never thought someone wouldn’t recognize a cricket. In South Eastern US these guys sing you to bed through a screened in window.

  2. Reminds me of a Canadian redditor who’s never seen a cockroach in their life

  3. I love western Frisian and there’s just one line

  4. Is this near the Thai Border by any chance?

  5. “Hey do you know where the PDF are?”

  6. You are not guilty of Various warcrimes in Ukraine and the Syria

  7. So you admit to killing civillians

  8. Fast, Invasive, Merciless, Strong, yup those are germans

  9. I live in northern Maine and I’ve never seen a cockroach in my life; I’m 32

  10. What in the god damn fucking hell

  11. Melanesian literally translates to Black Islanders

  12. I love creamy soup and croutons

  13. Ahh fuck I'm sorry lads but you drew the west bank twice missed opportunity to include the Gaza Strip

  14. I’m gonna expect an Anti Junta drone drop on a local Military base soon

  15. Every single asian Nation agreeing China is shit (Pakistan is excluded): 🤝

  16. Actually there are 0 rebels, but the US soldiers couldn’t get there and labeled it as an uprising to save face

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