News from 13Jsog

  1. Thank you so much! I’m very proud of my shading and style, I just need to get better at drawing folds..

  2. I have the same spamton glasses

  3. i love bruno he is so skrunkly

  4. Lmfao thanks, I would draw hands but my drawings look fine without them soo..

  5. (no but that’s actually great and i hope you never run into those spaces cuz no one deserves that)

  6. Did you not see the photo? That’s clearly him

  7. big ol simp, he had a anime pfp and a description flaunting his "125 iq". the sub i got banned from was just dedicated to him 💀

  8. Oh god I saw that little shit in another post!

  9. non existent, they hopefully will be someday tho.

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