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  1. Try to remove poistion_endstop (2 entries) for Y dont need that there and position min should be 0. And for Z you must define position_min: -9 so the BLtouch can go below the min.

  2. Ohhh I had forgotten to comment out that portion. Nice catch!

  3. What slicer are you using? I had this exact same issue when I used Prusa Slicer with the Arachne engine.

  4. You would need your bridging settings dialed in to make that gap.

  5. Yea sadly as posted below infill did nothing since it's already a flat top. I think the issue comes from the Arachne generator itself and not necessarily the printer or anything. The reason I say so is that no matter what setting I change or up where it should be significant. The item still persists. Whether it's in a smaller form or a bigger one.

  6. Switch it back to "Classic" and see if that makes a difference.

  7. Yea classic is the only way I can get it to work sadly as it adds the gap fill.

  8. I did! Worth a shot at least. I love everything except one caveat. Smaller portions of my perimeters aren't closing. I may crosspost my post to the Prusa subreddit to see if someone can assist. Going back to the normal perimeter generator and not Arcahne works fine but for some reason with the Arachne generator it doesn't fill in the smaller corners of perimeters.

  9. Ahh, Creality Ender 3 profiles! Sorry was confused by the CE3 part. I have just been using the Elegoo import from GitHub, not the one directly in Cura.

  10. If you look at the square on the right; within the top left inner part where the perimeters meet you will see that there are two holes. I tried playing around with adding more flow to it, reducing it, and still get the same result. On Cura (flow = 86) it came out fine and the flow is actually less than Prusa Slicer (flow = 1)

  11. It's held on the printer with 2 screws that have nuts on the bottom in addition to the lead screw nut being threaded for those screws.

  12. So should I add some force next time? I tried unscrewing it but it got really tight and I couldn't keep unscrewing it so I was afraid to add force.

  13. Hmmm... I've seen those around but wasn't sure if they were needed as mine is working fine. It's not broken it's just that I wanted to dip it in IPA to clean it. I did see that updating the coupling is nice though.

  14. That's what I was thinking based on some research I was doing and nothing in regards to PID, x-axis gantry, or z thread was changing the print. So I'm currently redoing some e-step and then flow calibrations. Thanks for the info.

  15. Did you ever find a solution? Don't see how a pwm setting would do anything (anything but black magic?) to DC controlled fans

  16. By the looks of it seems like your left-hand side z-axis is lower than the right side. You may want to lift the left-hand side slightly and

  17. Does the bed wobble at all if you try to move it? That was my issue when it would lose level for seemingly no reason. You might need to adjust the eccentric nuts on the bed carriage

  18. Nope it does not wobble sadly so its good on that front

  19. What firmware are you using? Switch to Marlin if you haven’t already. It sounds like your settings aren’t saving to the printer itself.

  20. I already have the marlin software on there. I may buy the rubber feet then and also I might take the opportunity to buy some extra fans. What fan mods can I do for my Neptune 2S. I'm looking to do more of a silent build.

  21. Add AutoBim plugin for octoprint, it will give you probe assisted tramming, you will need to adjust the probe points based on your probe offset for it to work but it will get you a much closer level than paper or feeler gauges :) it probes 1 corner at a time and tells you which direction to turn the knob and how far off it is, when it gets within 0.01mm of 0 it moves to the next corner, once all 4 corners are tested without needing adjustments it ends.

  22. I'm guessing afterward I do the z offset correct?

  23. Yeah you would run autobim then bed Visualizer and then a first layer print to adjust the z-offset.

  24. Just got done with Autobim about to do the above!

  25. “I had high expectations of you,” like sorry I didn’t meet the expectations you had of me

  26. Good. If you find that your final finish on the top doesn’t match your expectations, doing one more with a rattle can of poly will probably get ya there.

  27. By rattle can I’m assuming you’re talking about the spray on kind? Lol

  28. Haha ya. Sorry. Stick with the same formulation/brand you’ve chosen for the brush-on. As an aside, I use gloss as all my base layers, then finish up with the chosen top layer. All finishes are born glossy and flattening agents are added to it. The gloss is the purest and since I’m knocking down that gloss with wet sanding anyway, I get a deeper luster with gloss base layers. That’s why, if you don’t thoroughly mix semi-gloss and satin, your sheen is irregular.

  29. Lol understood and interesting so you use a higher gloss with a semi gloss to give it a less shine I’ll assume? I just put the semi gloss straight.

  30. I’ve been getting the exact same thing as well but at random times and not all the times. Pretty random to be honest.

  31. Dude I was just on your website! Literally all last night till 5am reading through a bunch of post and still have some open on my computer. Just wanted to say thank you for those blog post. Currently going through the motion of adding keymaster (that’s what led me to your site from Google lol)

  32. This needs to be a wallpaper engine wallpaper! I would so have this as one of my favorites.

  33. Hell yea! If you do reply back so I can download it. If not then I’ll see how to make it happen if you’d like. I’ve never made one but I have programming experience.

  34. My favorite gaming memory has to be during Christmas. Back when 2007 RuneScape would have their winter events and everyone would just chill in Varrock. Snow everywhere and people just genuinely chilling at the bank. Fun times those were.

  35. Lol started in 2011 and am not quite to ep 800 yet, I have a ways to go.

  36. We took on a life commitment. Bright side I’m close to episode 200 ಥ_ಥ

  37. Nice, you delivered! Looks awesome. Have a link to couch by any chance?

  38. I wish I did! I’ll have to do some research but as far as I can tell Rooms to Go no longer sells them. Couldn’t find it on their website. There is

  39. I am also in Charlotte and looking to do something similar but in my living room with high ceilings since i just bought a house. Been watching a bunch of home renovations videos on YT too lmao. Looking good!

  40. Not really, as the UDM Pro has a hard drive slot to mount one for your NVR. Since you have UniFi cameras, this will work just fine with it, as it DOES NOT WORK with any other cameras!

  41. Yea I saw the difference in price earlier when I was doing some research on it. Depending on how antsy I get I might bite down and get the UDMP and just utilize my 8 port POE switch I have right meow. My only concern is where to sell my old Ubiquiti hardware.

  42. I recently took the plunge on a UDMP and added an 8 TB drive. It's been working beautifully! The convenience of the all-in-one nature of the UDMP is hard to beat. You will need a PoE switch, however, unless you wait for the SE.

  43. Yea that's what I was thinking as well myself. The convenience of an all-in-one is nice but if something breaks then you're fucked essentially. Still though for a prosumer it's not as bad considering how (at least for me) it won't have much load. Im so tempted on waiting on the SE to fully release but I also don't want to wait forever for it to do so.

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