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The legendary elementary school agenda

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  1. Reboot would be “Native American in the Cupboard”

  2. I can speak to this. Madi and Ashley actually hated each other for a long time. They were linked through church of the highlands. Madi dated someone for years and wanted to be engaged to him at like 20. His name is Patrick. Patrick dated Ashley Terks best friend before Madi named Maggie. Patrick always had unresolved feelings for this maggie. Ashley was best friends with Maggie so her and Madi didn’t speak. Hope this was clear lol. Everything changed after Ashley’s divorce and Maggie no longer speaks with ashley so madi and ashley bonded over this.

  3. She was in Maggie’s wedding though wasn’t she

  4. Wasn’t she the same actress from the movie Now and Then?

  5. I’ve wanted to do this with an old tv but I no nothing about electronics :(

  6. I mean she already has a kid. Can’t really play the Virgin Mary role again right?

  7. Dumb. Not just women, if your date is dumb, just run.

  8. fill out a fake lease. You can find a lease template on Google. Say you’re moving to Alaska :)

  9. It’s on Hulu. The woman was a motivational speaker or something

  10. I had a cyst on my cervix. Pushed out a tiny human. No more cyst. Can confirm this method works.

  11. After having two kids I don’t even get bad cramps anymore! The human body is crazy

  12. I remember the episode where they all had a stomach virus and I have no idea why lol

  13. It’s crazy to me that my kids won’t understand the annoyance of getting film developed only for everyone to have red eyes hahaha

  14. There was also some epically weird movie from the 80s where a girl went through a mirror and there were puppets on the other side lol. Think it was called hugga bunch.

  15. We pay $125 annually for supply fee for two kids in DAYCARE, plus $420 a week. It’s insane.

  16. The animal cruelty commercial theme song. You know the one. In the arms of an angel

  17. Also, For residential properties, make sure you are correctly listed in terms of primary residence/homestead exemptions, age-related exemptions, etc.

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