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  1. Going to look for a porno called Mr. Whippy. I have a strong feeling it exists somewhere out there.

  2. Oh…I forgot the pyramid exit takes you elsewhere. I feel so dumb now. If a mod wants to delete this post feel free but I thought I’d leave it up for shiggles.

  3. 5 reminds me of that one animal that got fucked up by evolution cuz it’s tusk curved up around to the top of its head. Too lazy to look it up so I’m just hoping you know what I’m talking about.

  4. Excellent Samantha Puckett cosplay..! 😏

  5. Paula equipped the butter sock Offense 20 -> 48

  6. Haha, I forget what it looked like specifically but I don’t doubt it. What’s the episode name again?

  7. I’m getting mine on this playthrough. Poo still hasn’t joined the party yet but I’m almost there. Just got to Summers.

  8. I thought Patrick. “AUGH HUH HUH HUH, IT'S A GIRAFFE!”

  9. “Hmm, I don’t remember there being any purple M&Ms”

  10. Looks like a rose gold to me which is closer to pink but I’m colorblind so don’t trust me lol.

  11. Only because Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla weren’t options.

  12. Their cover of Cancer? Idk I prefer the original.

  13. I like it because it reminds me of my dad.

  14. Okay what is with the right wing and their obsession with throats?

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