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  2. This is the mania match I'm most conflicted about since you can make a good argument for literally any guy winning.

  3. I'm leaning towards Sheamus winning simply because I don't know how much more time the guy has in the ring depending on what his back is like nowadays.

  4. The absolute biggest problem I have with Kevin Patrick is the fact that despite him being the play-by-play commentator, 99% of the time he NEVER actually namedrops any wrestling moves.

  5. apparently it’s fine to do that as i’m being lead to find out

  6. I've been getting that impression too. Something about "HeLl hEaT"

  7. Tony Khan definitely is more open to trying new ideas. What hurts AEW is him allowing talent to perform fornother promotions. It allows them to work a schedule as intense as the WWEs has been in the past, and it leads to more injuries.

  8. Another really good example is the Undisputed vs Elite storyline. Kyle had to get neck fusion surgery and Cole got concussed, leading to Fish ending up not having anything to do. Couple that with how him and AEW couldn't come to terms with Fish's salary, they ended up losing both a wrestler and a storyline.

  9. Honestly Cody vs Sami at SummerSlam would be an absolute banger.

  10. I'm not entirely sold on the idea of the brain not being the generator of thoughts and hallucinations.

  11. I see, I misunderstood your intentions earlier. My bad.

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