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  1. The rest of the city is booming with new construction complexes (I’d know I was just looking for a new place).

  2. Unlike In-N-Out, which puts bible verses on the drink cups and food wrappers.

  3. Right, but even those are subtle.

  4. Going from the musical chairs of doom to blindfolded lucha Muay Thai must be such a thrill

  5. She may have come up with it on her own, even if someone else had done it first.

  6. 100% agreed. The black silver and red look is unique and tied to ROH’s history. I’d go for that and hope they do as of SoH in April.

  7. Calling a chiro for eczema is like calling a psychic for a cake.

  8. In point of fact, chiropracy claims that any disease at all can be cured with the right adjustment to the spine. It's widely considered quack science. However, it has shown some positive results in relieving back pain, so that specific use of it has become generally accepted.

  9. Anything a chiro can do a DPT can do with lower risk of injury and no quack nonsense on the side.

  10. the smallest microchip could not fit into the biggest needle. People are so fucking stupid

  11. I mean in vet med we inject microchips into pets all the time. The needles are fucking massive so we do it mostly while they are under for spays and neuters. Also the microchip goes under the skin, not into the muscle like vaccines do in humans.

  12. Not the same but (with the exception of COVID) I have balanced vet school and BJJ, even during clinics.

  13. Add this to the list of “obvious to reasonable people but still worth studying to prove” articles.

  14. I'm seeing Boston's North End, and some Over-The-Rhine in Cincinnati.

  15. Who knows. How do we know that Covid started in Wu Han but we cannot trace this one. Mass panic incoming?!

  16. You clearly didn’t read the article at all.

  17. Everyone at first was pro lockdown and pro vaccine. DeSantis slowly changed his tune and embraced the resentment toward those policies.

  18. Exactly. He was one of the first to be anti-lockdown, and anti-vax. He had far fewer deaths than northern states early on and threw it all away for political points, sacrificing many of the state’s elderly along the way.

  19. It's reasonable that many people called Florida Heaven's waiting room long before COVID. Age and co-morbidities are overrepresented in deaths.

  20. Then maybe their governor should have been MORE cautious, not less.

  21. I think it's funny how people are panicking and media making that big of a deal of it... Ofc i have not done any research so i wouldn't know how serious it is but from my knowledge fungus is easily beaten with antibiotics so it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

  22. Antibiotics do not work against fungi, antifungals do.

  23. New mythical fighter unlocked: Petr Yan if the internet fanboys were right about him.

  24. Wyatt, Cora and Bliss have been kept off TV without any explanation. Besides, you’re the only person I’ve seen suggest that she’s taking time off for personal reasons. Most other evidence points towards this being a re-enactment of another of HBK’s greatest hits.

  25. None of those people held titles at the time they went away. If she had a personal issue spring up she very well could have said "I'm having this match with Meiko then I need some time off". That being said this is all speculation.

  26. Even if he was right, airing those grievances publicly, embarrassing the entire company makes him wrong.

  27. Fun fact: that Amendment was initially enacted as a response to fears over Obama death panels

  28. Which of course never happened. But now republican death panels exist if you’re a woman miscarrying in many states.

  29. B-but nice people on Reddit reassured me that they only wanted to protect kids up to 3rd grade!

  30. My own mother uses that argument. I’m sure she’ll immediately admit she was wrong now. /s.

  31. Battery powered semis aren't viable with current energy density. The battery weight itself reduces the max load of the semi by like 60-70%.

  32. Didn’t Tesla’s semis have pretty good range?

  33. Even at the high end, the Tesla semi's range is like 1/4 of a diesel semi.

  34. Not only is that the most common form of skin cancer, it is also often fully treated by removal. There’s no good cancer to have but this is near the top of the least bad list.

  35. Banger card tbh. Should be 5 matches or 6 at most, but the matches here all look fun af.

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