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  1. I don’t get why as a GS Leader you feel this is something that you should bring up if it is not causing trouble for the troop, it would be different if you knew the parents, or if there were issues that had to be addressed, but based on the details you shared, I feel it would be highly inappropriate and not beneficial at all. Also, how do you know the parents don’t have a clue? I would be very weirded out if I was the mom and someone I barely know gives this type of information.

  2. Thank you everyone for the excellent and honest feedback. The consensus seems to be that best practice would be to leave it and be responsive if her parents want to bring it up.

  3. My girl has been in a troop since daisies. She's always been fringe socially to be honest, and I volunteer at all camp-outs or special outings. I never discussed any diagnosis until this year, beyond discussing specific special dietary and sensory needs that may arise due to the activity. Now, troop leaders probably could've guessed at the more general diagnosis, but girl scouts is a place where girls learn to be friends, to uplift each other, to help in their communities, etc. Whether she's nuerodiverse or not, the lessons apply and the friendships develop, particularly since she's been with the same troop for years now. And I was there should issues arise. Leaders have touched base on those food and sensory issues.

  4. I mean you are the troop leader, I have no experience with scouts or anything but is it a possibility to have like a session or something focused on awareness and insight to help build education and acceptance for those who may be different? It could be like an empathy thing. And in it you can add information on all kinds of disabilities, neurodivergencies, pathologies, how they could present in people the children may come across and how they create a supportive environment. If there are like events with parent’s present, it could be a thing where the parents are looped in as well. I wouldn’t point out anything in specific to that child, but a basic overview. Exposure I don’t think will hurt, if it doesn’t go against protocol and if the parents don’t know, they have the chance to become aware, if they do know then they can see that their child is in the hands of someone who cares enough to try to create an accommodating and accepting environment for all children. Most importantly, you can help the child understand parts of herself without singling her out.

  5. oooh. good idea. we can include it into a troop meeting when working on one of the inclusion patches

  6. I think this is really wrong subreddit to ask this. I mean, you are asking us is this something apropriate to say to NTs. We are not exactly experts in that particular field.

  7. I have not part in this discussion as I was diagnosed in my 30s. I have absolutely no clue how would that affect my life if I new earlier.

  8. do we know if the mask guidance for healthcare settings in california will change with the impending end of the state of emergency? I’m worried for the doctors appointments that are upcoming. I really don’t want unmasked people in my exam room…

  9. I have personally worn a mask (3M 1860) while sleeping in the hospital. In my case I did not experience lower SpO2 or any significant changes in HR/BP than normal based on the monitoring (versus pre-pandemic readings). I’ve had similar results testing wakeful activities and saw little or no deviation. I saw no visible deformations or movement/shifting, but these might be variable or unnoticeable.

  10. Thank you for the thoughtful input. It’s helpful to hear that you have been able to sleep successfully in the mask. we will add the 1860 to the list of masks to try out along with your pillow and safety glasses theory ☺️

  11. I just wanted to say there was an older kid recently on one of the covid forums who had a really tough situation with anti-mask family and they sleep in an Aura N95 every night. Very sad, but you have to give it to that child for such strong understanding of what is happening to all of us. I don't think it's dangerous oxygen-wise. I just felt like stepping in and saying how impressed I am at your child's strength and grasp of our situation and of your exemplary parenting during a crisis time.

  12. Ah. poor kid. every night in your own bed… I can’t even imagine. Perhaps I’ll have my guy try an aura too and see which he thinks works better. I just worry his face is too narrow for it to fit properly.

  13. I allow my girls to do things on their own and then provide proof via whatever they create for the badge, a 20 second video clip of them performing a skill, etc. Easy things. Then I buy the badge for them because the girls earned a badge, and their cookie money should be used for it.

  14. It’s definitely allowed, but I recommend polling the parents to gauge interest before putting a lot of effort into preparing any instructions, material bags, etc. I’ve tried sharing at-home instructions several times for girls that missed one part of a journey, etc. and no one ever completes them.

  15. I would teach hand embroidering initials or something if it’s for keeping track of who’s is who’s. If it is for personal style, that’s up to each girl. There’s no uniform police and worrying about girls’ name privacy in 2023 when everyone’s everything is online is a bit dissociated with reality. 😬

  16. thank you! Hand embroidery could be fun too! maybe for next year 🤔🤔

  17. One of my moms embroidered custom patches that we sewed under the tag on the inside

  18. Volunteer Toolkit has all of the badge information in there for free. You can access that through your Girl Scout account online. It’s on the side bar below where you click to see your troop information.

  19. my mom uses a wheelchair with a headrest that she can recline and lean her head against. the collars were too uncomfortable and added extra pressure that she doesn’t need on her body.

  20. DM me if you want a picture. I’m not sure how to link it here

  21. I may be intruding, but would you be willing to send me 3 gifts? It’s the only one I need for my friend’s collection. But I respect if it is too much. 1457 3072 9590 from savanna. Happy new year! :D

  22. Is it ok if I add you too? I don’t have any savanna friends…

  23. I’ve had good success with surgical tape! holds well and is gentle on skin

  24. haha. you are now getting a dose of what your mom went through when you were a newborn 🤣

  25. Maybe we'll give it a shot with our DIY nebulizer thing, though he's 5 so not totally reliable for self reporting minor taste, but if there's a major leak, hopefully he'll be able to tell.

  26. maybe you can do a fit test with the barrier cream with your mask? at least you’ll have an idea as to whether is negatively impacts fit?

  27. My mom has had ALS for close to 30 years at this point. Let me know if you ever want to chat.

  28. I think the main thing to remember is that your dad is still there.

  29. i bet what you are running into is clearing big tsums. when you clear a big tsum, it “counts” as five when the number on screen shows up. but when you are clearing an exact number it counts big tsum as one.

  30. i mean it would say the number after clearing, so i’d count those and even with bubbles, the same thing, the number shows and i total it but the amounts were never the same. thankfully i beat it but it took me a couple tries lol

  31. oh no. that’s what I mean. The number is shows is wrong. the number that shows for one big tsum and two little tsum is 7 (this is the number it uses for coins) on the other hand the number for counting tsum is 3.

  32. Thank you everyone! I found it cleaning out a box of my things from middle school. My son will now be getting it as an addition to his Christmas present this year. he loves his pokémon cards and will be proud to add this strange looking ancient version to his collection.

  33. Sometimes it helps to close out of the app and open it again. I think it might reset the random seed.

  34. Yeah. I think it might. then again it might not. I got all three on the first three I tried this month.

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