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  1. Yeah he could've asked to see her tits but instead wants the feet. Dude likes feet.

  2. Or....the HOTD showrunners aren't interested in nudity as much as GOT.

  3. You can't ask about porn or pornstar directly. You have to censor the word like "p0rn"/"p*rn" etc. It's kinda annoying lol

  4. Yeah. She wrote #nerdgoalachieved in social media after getting this role in Titans.

  5. I am, fascinated by the strap-on skills of

  6. Sinn Sage is actually a pornstar. If you're into lesbian porn I can't recommend her videos enough! Specially the ones involving strap-on.

  7. Just discovered Ruby Redbottom/Charma Kelley and… holy moly I have rewatched the same few videos over and over.

  8. Any videos you wanna recommend to us? For research purposes... 👀

  9. She is my favorite she is a really sweet girl too though she is a bit sassy and demanding lol

  10. She has a mischievous smile on her face when she's bout to seduce her stepbro/ stepsis and I just love that smile.

  11. She messes up any reddit search when you look for a location, i.e. Sydney. Dammit.

  12. Lmao that's a good one. Yeah, she's currently one of the most popular babes in celebrity subreddits, particularly the NSFW ones.

  13. Exactly! Big natural boobs and she isn't shy about showing them off. Really hope she continues to do nudity in her upcoming projects too.

  14. Good choice. Sydney's been killing in it! A good actress who isn't shy about doing nudity and sex scenes is the best combination.

  15. Sydney is an absolute rocket. 25/10, total bombshell

  16. “Stop fucking moving LAUREN, I’m tryna make you look good for the photo shoot but you keep fucking around”

  17. I mean she already looks fucking hot lol

  18. Hideous?! Come on. What makes you say that?

  19. Maybe in a few years, when they try to break out of the teen drama celebrity image.

  20. Haha lol. Glad someone shares my taste.

  21. Either of those combos would turn the straightest woman or the gayest man bi.

  22. I seriously can't wait to see Sydney Sweeney and Ana De Armas in lesbian sex scenes. Both of them has done plenty of nudity but I haven't seen them making out with other women yet. Would be so fucking hot 🔥

  23. Wouldn't mind getting dominated by her, tbh

  24. What's your favorite nudity of her in any movie?

  25. Nsfw model as in pornstars? Or models who usually wear revealing clothes like, say, Barbara Palvin?

  26. Then I'd say Malena Morgan and pre-suregey Kenna James.

  27. Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore.

  28. Two of the best MILFs in the showbiz for sure.

  29. My mind was funking blown away when I first watched that ~7 minute scene almost a decade ago. Never could've imagined such porny scene could take place in theatrical movies. Also I was a bit naive back then I suppose lol

  30. The Voyeurs on Amazon Prime has some Sydney Sweeney goodness.

  31. What's wrong with asking this? Not sure I understand.

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