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  1. What do you consider? I am looking at the hatsan vectic .22.

  2. Good for 60 on a good day. Even 35 yards is a healthy distance to shoot to. Most small game is hunted at 35-45 yrds

  3. I bought a yong heng compressor and a acecare 6.8l tank with fill station about 5 yrs ago. Both work great and I've had zero issues. Tuxing 032 compressor will be what I get when the yong heng fails but i also have a full rebuild kit for the yong heng. For guns, if you want an upper tier gun I'd look on forum classifieds and find something used. You get a whole lot more gun when buying used. There are so many really great guns around the 1000$ and up mark. I have an avenger bullpup that I bought for 225$ and it's a great shooter. I bought a lcs sk19 a month ago for 1000$ and it's a very good shooter and semi/full automatic. Finding what you want is part of the fun.

  4. Thak you for your insight! It sounds like you have a good setup and the ability to rebuild the compressor when the seals inevitably fail. How much was the rebuild kit?

  5. I paid 35$ for the head and piston and rod assembly and about the same for everything else that usually goes bad( check valves and o rings)



  8. Great gun. Get a depinger from veradium air and a power spring from pitbull air guns and you're set.

  9. I have never modified any PCP before apart from installing a rail on Artemis P-15, should I go for it?

  10. Yes. Maybe shoot as is for a while then add these 2 things. It's an easy process. I used youtube as a guide.

  11. Drug dealer should be charged with dealing. That is their crime. They're not responsible for what someone does with the drugs. If I can myself with a knife from walmart has walmart assaulted me?

  12. So are you saying someone that is having sex isnt responsible for the choices of who when and where they have sex.

  13. Except you’re referring here to adults, not starstruck children. You can’t blame a child because an adult abused them. The responsibility lies 100% with the adult in all cases, there is no grey area here.

  14. I didnt read the article so I'm unsure of age of the "child" but if this child was 16 or older she knew exactly what was happening. Kids are getting away with major crimes because we dont hold them accountable for their choices. I just think we need to push personal responsibility at a young age.

  15. I have a lcs sk19 and really like it. Zero issues. The gun shoots well without hiccups. I bought it used for about 1000$. Put a wtb ad up on a couple forums and see what comes up. I'd really like a huben next.

  16. This happens way to often in real life. People are stupid. The company I worked for sued one of these type people for the cost to tear out the messed up concrete and repour the job and won. Concrete isnt cheap.

  17. Sometimes the concrete has already taken a set and the patch would come out bumpy. Sometimes the crew has already left to other jobs and the only person there is the person to watch for dumbasses that walk through it.

  18. My wife was cheating and would turn insane if I talked to another woman about anything and always accused me of cheating. She was cheating and had been for a while. Tour husband is trying to control you. If hes not cheating yet he will be. Get out and find someone that respects you. You'll find out what it's like to be in an equal relationship.

  19. This sounds like we want to truly enslave women. I'm not sure Republicans are what we need in government. So many important things that need attention, abortion should be way down the list of talking points.

  20. Any large cat ( tiger,mtn lion,bobcat) such amazing animals.

  21. Hi. Thanks for your insights. The price would be the same and mounted on one LED. No seperate control.

  22. As long as the intensity is there plants usually dont get too leggy. My led panels have both red spectrum on them and plants are doing fine. I also have a cob system with just white light an it seems to be doing fine also. I'm growing tomatoes and arugula so I'm not really needing anything special for lights. I say buy the light with both spectrums. It cant hurt anything.

  23. I'd say the door has always been open but dont come back.

  24. Possum is so good for the ecosystem that I never would shoot/ eat them. Really cool animals to learn about.

  25. I like to use the shower as foreplay. Everything is more fun when you're clean. As a male I dont want to lick day old discharge and I'm sure a woman doesnt want to lick sweaty balls and dick. If theres no shower first it's a quickie without any oral fun.

  26. This should be compatible with the single shot Umarex trays for the Gauntlet 1. They both use crosman mag patterns.

  27. Not comparable. Theres little differences.

  28. Oh, didn't know. Still, this gun has it's own single shot tray so all good.

  29. My flashpup shoots just as good as my fx dreampup. I think they're great guns. The aircuda standard does look good for the price though.

  30. I filled it out almost a week ago. As did Field Supply (the place I purchased it from). Hopefully it won't take much longer for them to get back to me.

  31. I've read their service has been lacking lately.

  32. Probably rma. It's easier then sending the part for you to fix it yourself. Lol

  33. Cinnamon and sugar or pineapple and curry powder.

  34. The challenger is simple enough that anyone with iq above 70 can strip it, replace a part, and put it back together. I own 2 and my friend owns like 6 challengers i believe. Of all the guns, i did have to replace a sear break which i got a replacement in like a week, and i installed a factory reg on another of mine. These guns are way more simple and easy to work on than a FX Impact M3 with 127 o-rings...

  35. Beginners want to shoot their guns not repair them. I had an aea challenger and it was an ok gun if you havent ever shot anything better. You're right, it's the most basic gun on the market. It is easy to disassemble. Probably easy to repair also, if you can get the parts. I wouldnt suggest an impact either. Theres so much adjustability that it's easy to mess up the tune and have an expensive gun that doesnt shoot. The fx dreamline line of guns on the other hand are fairly simple and much more refined then anything aea has and can be had for a few hundred dollars more or less depending if it's used or not. Theres so many decent guns available for 1000$ or less that I just think something besides the most basic gun should be considered. The daystate revere is a outstanding basic gun. I think a person would have a hard time finding errors with it at any price. This being said I do sometimes miss my challenger 30 with 32" barrel bullpup. It was just too much power for backyard shooting.

  36. I'd get a regulator for the marauder and tune the gun well. You wont have much money into it and itll more consistent and easier to tune. A new gun? I'd look into a used daystate revere or a used fx dreamline gun. The dreamlines are nice and have a lot of variation you can do with them. I always suggest a used gun because that way you usually get a lot better gun for your money.

  37. Yes I'm using an audrius unit but huma has some real quality units also. Huma has a fill port with gauge for marauders too. When you install a regulator the factory gauge tells regulator pressure and you're without a fill gauge unless you buy the fill port. Together the combo would cost a bit over 200$ us. I'm really happy with my regulator. I set the reg and adjust power with hammer spring adjustments. It made it easier to get more shots at a consistent power level.

  38. Sometimes rabbits just look at ya funny. And ya can't let it slide if you wanna keep your balls. Coz those fuckers. They got no morals. In their world its deball or be deballed. THEY'RE SAVAGES GAWD DAMNIT.

  39. Hatsan at44pa. They really didnt sell well so they were clearances for cheap.

  40. I own a pp700s-a in .22. with a folding stock and silencer fitted. Whisper quiet and puts big dents in 1.5mm aluminium.

  41. The 700 is a better gun imo also. If you can deal with single shot.

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