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  1. Considering over 6,500 people lost their lives building those stadiums might have something to do with it.

  2. It’s exactly the same contractor as last year so what’s the issue. Something doesn’t add up.

  3. Exactly, and let’s not talk about the 15,000 people that got killed building the stadiums either.

  4. TJ's on bell farm do delicious food. It's just a takeaway but super nice people and the food is always amazing

  5. Not watching anything to with this World Cup. It should never have been held in Qatar.

  6. LOL, absolutely not. Can’t get near him with a brush.

  7. Yes, they charge a 3% fee to keep their prices low!

  8. FIFA and the World Cup are a joke. This isn’t about sport, it’s about money.

  9. I checked their website and it doesn’t say anything about being closed, but yeah it’s probably a good idea to call first and check

  10. I drove by there yesterday and they have moved.

  11. Every day? Yeah right, it rains most of the time.

  12. I would pass assuming that it would come around again and then make it clubs.

  13. Internet access is really expensive and not great on cruise ships. Might work for an older person that is retired but it would be difficult to actually try and work online from a cruise ship.

  14. Probably part of the same group that think Trudeau is doing a wonderful job.

  15. Haven’t read the article but was the colour of her skin relative to anything?

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