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  1. Mahomes is only one year older than Joe Burrow.

  2. Joe has already had one major injury. Why risk a second?

  3. Not true. Machines don't have enough flexibility. They need to be guided on rails precisely in order to operate.

  4. You just have to return the favor when the cat is sleeping all day

  5. Nah.. this is that cat-tok craze going on.

  6. Max Kepler frequently gets into situations where his friends have to "hold him back".

  7. What’s more alarming how many idiots in here made a landlord comment but didn’t watch the video. They want their house back…. This was the easiest way. Not trying to maximize profits. Good lord stop commenting if you didn’t watch it

  8. There is a big push on Reddit recently to vilify landlords. A lot of it comes from

  9. Because it lacks understanding of how wealth actually works.

  10. Wait a minute. This looks like a shit and or post.

  11. Oh right. We beat up some birds today. 🫠

  12. Except min wage increases w inflation in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY except the “greatest and richest in the world.”

  13. Yes, all those countries that produce all of our products because the labor is so much cheaper must have better minimum wages. 🤡

  14. I mean yea. If you don't want to work someone's gotta do it.

  15. Well I pretty much just copied the stadium we have now. I added this ring of light to lower wind resistance and this MGM Grand building which I feel is pretty sharp.

  16. Just like the Eiffel Tower… but an eyesore

  17. People thought the Eiffel tower was an eyesore when it was first built. All it takes is a world war to make it iconic.

  18. The question is: how much can I skim off the top before the music stops?

  19. I never got why people were so harsh on the rangers. “These are good moves to get out of the gutter hopefully they can build on a 3rd place finish this year”

  20. Pretty much every prediction I saw had the Rangers as the most improved team.

  21. I mean yeah, but I don't work at a target. It's easy for me to volunteer someone else to do the right thing.

  22. Easy to have a hard line stance when it's not your ass on the line.

  23. Well the SEC has charged Kim Kardashian, Jake Paul, NeYo, Lindsay Lohan, Akon, and various others over the past 6-9 months for various cryptocurrency promotions.

  24. There is a difference between promoting a particular security vs an exchange service.

  25. I can tell you from experience they wanted paystubs showing you made 2.5x or 3x rent in 2005. And deposits. And pet fees, and no evictions, and that other stuff depending on the place. I have serious doubt you were old enough to know anything about renting an apartment in 2005.

  26. Are you trying to say Flo doesn't instill fear into the hearts of visiting clubs?

  27. What are y’all’s thoughts on who our all star would be this year? Normally I would look to Jose or bieber but both are not in the top tier of their positions to start the year. Outside of Ramirez getting hot and being the obvious choice, anyone have any thoughts on this?

  28. Those two guys are still the best players on the team. Kwan is good. Naylor and Bell have been playing much better recently.

  29. Must be fuckin awkward for Rudy not being the tallest person around

  30. Now he can ask someone else "How's the weather up there?"

  31. It is how life works. Corporations can absolutely afford to pay their workers a livable wage. If you think we shouldn’t at least make an attempt to fight food insecurity and abhorrent rent prices then no progress will ever be made because of complacency.

  32. It's not how life works because resources are limited.

  33. I'll never understand why "experts" continuously give the Browns more credit than they deserve.

  34. Watson gets an offseason to prepare with the Browns, which would help if his problem was the playbook or something. But he couldn't even make the throws. More time off isn't helping that.

  35. This is the order most being sites have.

  36. I was on board with him right up until that statement.

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