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  1. if they think that’s bad oh my god

  2. Totally! I don’t follow him so I didn’t realize he was doing it too. It truly makes me wonder if this is a PR stunt. I don’t think their podcast has been doing as good as they thought it would. Honestly, if my marriage imploded I would be fucking devastated. I would have a hard time getting out of bed much less making multiple videos and doing lives and podcasts discussing the intimate details with strangers. Their children will hear and see all of this one day.

  3. i honestly don’t think anyone would mimick a psychotic break for pr though. he’s really having one.

  4. nah, i’ve got one. it’s a jack chi

  5. the way this is giving mar a lago classified docs

  6. I told y'all! When the story broke waaaay back when, the initial tape had him giving her a golden shower. When it was re-released, that part and a few others weren't on it.

  7. he got some!! how could i say no to that freakin face

  8. house taking longer than chateau sheree did on rhoa

  9. i’m sorry i can’t be the one that thinks this is odd

  10. it’s a great highlighter for the budget friendly price. it didn’t blow me away immediately or anything but it’s a solid product.

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