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  1. There’s like barely a mod team here lmao. Gonna be hard to accomplish

  2. Not really. They aren’t here when the series is over either

  3. Honestly? He didn’t pervert it. He’s by far the most actual pirate in all of one piece. But by one piece standards he has.

  4. Yea in actuality, Luffy is the one “screwing up” how to be a pirate traditionally. Blackbeard is playing the game how it was written

  5. Not shitting on Luffy. Just emphasizing the point that Luffy is the odd version of a pirate. Blackbeard is much more standard

  6. I'm just waiting for a gm with balls to call one of these players bluffs. Like you either gonna play for us or you're not stepping foot on an nba court for the next 4 years. Also we're gonna sue you over false injury claims if you hold out to long. Good luck re upping a contract when your 38 and haven't played in 4 years Kevin.

  7. Morey did it with Simmons and this sub whined every day because he wouldn’t ship him for cheap

  8. That’s also because lebron was never threatening to request a trade or leave if they didn’t do that.

  9. Hard to threaten to leave half a season into your first year with a team

  10. Yosen wins by a lot. Midorima has an odd sect off fans on the board which is fine, but Shutoku is clearly below their level. Kaijo is debatable to some level with Shutoku, but overall they’re the two worst teams

  11. It’s a PokerGo bit at this point. The fucker can’t make it through any amount of play without scarfing down food

  12. 3K no limit. Don’t track numbers, but this paid out big

  13. $20 - $30 per day depending on age. Worked on a cop show and saw some homes with 8+ children in their foster care. Was pretty awful. Some people get lots of kids to make extra $$$ per month.

  14. 30.63 per day in Philadelphia. And only after your certified which can take a while

  15. As a CPS worker, I couldn't agree more. Everyone wants to save the children until it comes time to investing in the future of them. The same people who want abortion to be illegal are the ones who don't want more money going to people of lower status because they take advantage of the system. If only half of these people worked my job and actually saw what we see everyday, they might think twice about forcing someone to have a child they aren't ready for.

  16. I work in finance for a foster care agency and talk to a lot of the parents and workers. Folks have no idea how extensive the process is to get these kids in homes. And almost half our cases experience issues in school or out of it. Significant portion end up parents themselves before 18

  17. I’ve felt two small ones. It’s such a bizarre feeling. I was at the beach once and it felt like someone was kicking the shit out of my chair

  18. Lowers variance. Should limit the chance of exactly what happened happening. If you run it once, you could get a bad beat. Multiple times lowers that chance. And the guy behind gets a few chances to catch a card

  19. I don't know, that's one of the main reasons I like him. He's not very self aware. He's kind of a dork. An "everyman". It makes you feel like if THIS guy can beat a lot of the more suave and cool guys, well, maybe so can I.

  20. Dude isn’t an everyman lmao. He’s constantly shitting on everymen because he got out

  21. He thought this was going to be an easy fight? That would explain alot about why his game plan was so bad

  22. He thought it was going well while they were fighting. How did some of you graduate with such bad listening skills?

  23. Greg Hardy assaults someone, settled in court, Tony Fergusons wife called 911 for essentially the same issue, and the call was glorified and Tony is still loved…. Strange hypocritical world we live in.

  24. Tony’s DV is pretty strangely ignored fwiw. Hive mind will keep downvoting but you’re right there.

  25. The commentators were even talking like this was a retirement fight. I don't like Cowboy but given how the UFC views him, it's weird they didn't put his retirement on the main card or top of a fight night.

  26. Just no way to celebrate a guy who didn’t dominate. They’ll ignore your views if your a beast, but they can’t when you’re a career gatekeeper

  27. Insta post seems to show he had some event earlier in the day or something? Comedy or something idk, didn't pay much attention

  28. Because most comedians don’t show up in a t shirt lmao

  29. Jerry didn’t get 3 wins a bunch. Turns out the early games still matter.

  30. Word you’re an idiot or a troll. Get outside

  31. He’s immature. It’s pretty straight forward. Hunts glory and hates being ridiculed for mistakes. Never had to grow up

  32. When did he show positive services? He was consistently bad and was willing to serve raw chicken to James’s wife.

  33. The first few when you didn’t hear his name but heard Dans. They don’t tel you who’s average in the beginning. They show you who’s bad.

  34. He still never really stood out, though. Wouldn’t say that’s positive or negative.

  35. Not standing out makes you better than the bottom half of the competition. Dan did. That’s the point

  36. Hasn't he angled a few times on TV? I remember he got into it with Seiver once, and Antonius another time for similar things

  37. It’s kind of the whole deal. Most people (including myself) believe the guy truly can’t focus enough to act accordingly. He does it with little shit that can’t be angled like taking to long to ante.

  38. Polk. No idea what this guy means. I’m not a fan, but he gets talked about plenty on here

  39. Jungles a good sport for not demanding the rail be cleared after they were shouting and chanting at him while he was in big hands.

  40. The only people I’ve ever seen ask for floor there are massive losers. Jungle was missing his turn and misbetting all night. I think it’s all fun, but he’s clearly a lot at the table

  41. You’re a dumbass Rupert was pretty casual lmao

  42. Chip EV wise you need to bring in a 3bet with those type of hands around 5-15% of the time. I don’t think you’d do it on a FT with this specific hand though

  43. If you’re randomizing to that level that’s fine. You have to be comfortable folding when you get shoved on. Your opponent is always absurdly strong

  44. Andy from S6 and Seth from S5 have also had phenomenal post-HK careers despite being total disasters on the show.

  45. There’s a massive difference between being a trained chef and cooking Ramsay’s food. Gordon kinda embarrassed those folks to prove a point to the less experienced folks.

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