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  1. I keep thinking of the high number CIA agents who were either killed or burned since Trump left office with those classified documents. If they can tie him to even one death, he should receive the death penalty for treason.

  2. No agents got killed or burned.


  4. Informants are not agents

  5. OP, how do you get it to rise Soo much?

  6. It is a real lemon meringue pie

  7. Let Tupac RIP. He died 28 years ago

  8. Yawn. Time for new stories/ creations

  9. I always say it smells like popcorn!! after I rip ass !! Lmao

  10. I… I used to tell pillheads their nose was bleeding when it wasn’t, just to see them flip out.

  11. You can also make a small hole in the top, and a slightly bigger hole at the bottom, and then blow into the top of the shell and the whole egg will shoot out of the bottom with the shell intact

  12. You’ll nearly pass out from the amount of breathe require too

  13. Depends on your lung capacity lol, take some vocal lessons to be a better egg blower

  14. How does a vocal lesson increase lung capacity ?

  15. Literally a Blackhawk flying over right this second but sure, downvote some more. 😂

  16. Massive joint SOCOMD iOPS exercise happening right now. (Special Operations Command, doing anti-terrorism exercises with civilian police and international operations)

  17. What squadron is the special operations command / anti terrorism attached to?

  18. Damn op literally stole this post from a year ago in this sub

  19. Yeah population me and your mom

  20. For these types of legs you want to do squats and maybe interval running but the calf definition is really odd, it’s probably just incorrect form for leg press/calf raise or something

  21. You have Nfi. Calf shape and definition is defined by genetics . It’s not “incorrect form or something “

  22. Yeah because every doctors appointment goes a different length of time.

  23. And yet the farmers /abattoirs are still getting roughly the same price for there beef

  24. For technical queries, contact Airservices Service Desk: Australia: 1300 301 120

  25. Clarence Thomas, a man who benefitted from the liberalization of racial policies in the United States, which include the voting rights act, who has been able to climb to sit on the highest court in America... arguably one of the most powerful African Americans of the past few decades.

  26. That’s the American dream.

  27. Why do people Always say they're autistic when they do something really rude or say something rude!? Like their excuse is always "sorry I was a dick to you I'm autistic so I don't catch social cues" like I'm so tired of it. Just accept you are a dick and it has nothing to do with being autistic

  28. Because people have learned it’s easy to manipulate a situation based on feigning mental illness.

  29. Lmao half the subs stories are corny af from Americans who know a lil Spanish

  30. Lmao yeah fucking right 😭😭💀💀🤣🤣, op wants attention in the most interesting way 😭🤣😭😭, what's next op? One of your "boyfriends", won the lottery? These people bro.

  31. “It’s not something to brag about “

  32. Maybe you should get steak at a steakhouse not seafood LOL

  33. Grandma makes the best portobello

  34. More details about the plant/ how much sun it’s getting / how much water / nutrients / where you’re located /zone etc

  35. Yikes. I can see this post too on greentext.

  36. It’s a classic line from Dominic Torreto in the original fast & furious movie

  37. Bunch of weirdos speculating shit here

  38. Nah, we just need proper driver education from the get go.

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