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  1. Not a very diverse group. You should add Clarence Thomas.

  2. They get plenty of results voting Republican. Sure, they get fucked over, but brown people get fucked over more. That’s all that matters to Republican voters.

  3. “What’s the sob story got to do with it? If I want the hat, I’ll buy it but if you can’t afford medical bills maybe you should’ve worked harder instead of jetting off to rallies and buying expensive merch.”

  4. No, his fellow Republicans would just convince him the high medical bills are everyone else’s fault.

  5. I have Indian-American friends who supported trump, only to realize trump supporters didn’t like ANY brown people.

  6. “I hate being constantly reminded of how much I want to gargle a cock and balls!”

  7. They confuse Democratic socialism with Autocratic socialism.

  8. They love socialism but only for certain people. Kind of like a “national” socialism.

  9. The ultimate irony is Happy Holidays started as a Christian thing because there are several Christian holy days around Christmas so they started saying it as a blanket term.

  10. The demand is there, just waiting on that invisible hand to bring along the supply of that finite resource at a reasonable price!

  11. I guarantee these idiots would be big fans of Andrew Ryan and live by the Rapture slogan; “Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?”.

  12. Surgery went GREAT, both arms are now gone up to the forearm! Are these people on mind altering drugs?

  13. Full Metal Alchemist is a classic. One of my favorites.

  14. Lots of HCA recipients seem like they would be followers of Father Cornello.

  15. Maybe if you cut back on the avocado toast?

  16. US Armed Forces is truly an amazing institution. To think, they actually got a useful soldier out of this gutless wonder.

  17. Sorry I can't take seriously anyone who looks like the villain in a low budget porno movie.

  18. How dare you?! He clearly looks like the villain from a James Bond movie or a GI Joe cartoon.

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