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  1. You can check them. Its equal to opensea floor value.

  2. What is the first thing you are buying when you cash out in this next bull?

  3. Boring tuesday ledger decided to hold onto changes !! Reddit new collectibles drop around the corner who’s buying ?

  4. Interested in buying some gen 3? Im selling them for moon

  5. 7k rubbish karma account coming to scam alert just because i refuse to sell below floor. 🤣

  6. Usd 39 and you want to buy both glass and constable? No!

  7. Beast pirate is easy. Just do the shadow clone technic with pretty girls and booze.

  8. Never thought that the peaceful sea turtle is this OP ☺️

  9. Currently the most lax regulations on crypto is more on countries that's struggling economically. Hope these nation able to use crpyto to it's full potential and turn the table around.

  10. Well thats the level he was when he duel draw with haweye 😎

  11. That's one brave guy. Also why the divider so short though?

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