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  1. Have you tried changing the height of the letters? They feel squished which is probably adding to the toilet-ness.

  2. Toiletness is my new favourite adjective

  3. Is leaving a toilet seat up the only way for a man to assert his masculinity?

  4. It's the only way for a man to insure that his pee gets everywhere and his poo particles go everywhere upon flushing (aka marking his territory, so yes.)

  5. Hard to take anyone seriously when they use the word wholeness unironically

  6. I’ve also slept with a bunch of women in my 30s. Many respectable and educated women with good careers. So you can believe what you want.

  7. Okay? That doesn't really change what I just said about your view of how it's a wasteland for women.

  8. But according to the original posters advice you should stay in that toxic relationship because dating in your 30's sucks. I honestly found this entire thread incredibly depressing.

  9. I was referring to your situation, not the OP's.

  10. Lol your free to rent from who you want. The owner of the asset doesn’t care about being liked , you cant cash how well liked you are to pay your bills . SFD.

  11. You aren’t free to do that in Vancouver actually, landlords here have way too much power thanks to low vacancy rates and insanely high purchasing prices.

  12. I pay 1000 a month to live in kitsilano. Just filter listings by price on craigslist

  13. I did and it gave me 0 results + obvious scams or perverts.

  14. Sadly that is an amazing price right now

  15. Truly. I remember renting in 2016 and studios were averaging 900-1100 a month and I thought that was outrageous.

  16. It depends on how high you want to rise and how you define "successful."

  17. You became a VP in 8-9 years? Jesus Christ. Well done.

  18. Buzz feed news actually has decent articles, completely different than their quizzes.

  19. Wikipedia is the single most successful purveyor of Western propaganda on the internet.

  20. How? It's curated from volunteers, not writers hoping to get ad-revenue. I would say the most successful purveyor of western propaganda on the internet would be any single news outlet's website.

  21. You've been duped if you think Wikipedia is genuine, good faith journalism. It's rife with pro-West censorship and its leaders are long-time establishment loyalists.

  22. You would break up with someone over them accidentally using the wrong type of soap?

  23. That would require them to actually have a partner.

  24. That's pretty good, I'm an advocate of progressing towards social capitalism.

  25. Usually from a well-to-do teenager who has no real experience of working a minimum wage job to try and pay overpriced rent in a shitty apartment.

  26. If only we blew up the photos of rapists and abusers like we do to women who pose nude. 🫶

  27. Exactly. I’d be more embarrassed for the kid who’s dad is a shitty cop that comes home and beats his wife nightly.

  28. Meanwhile Reddit is addicted to trying to get rich off of crypto investments and spends their leisure time watching porn and watching streamers play Fortnite.

  29. that guy who get his head cut off on the greyhound

  30. Wasn't that over 20 years ago? In a different province? On a private bus?

  31. Kurt Ballou is a beast, recorded some of the greatest metalcore albums of the past decade.

  32. If we add up the taxes on income and use charged to a Canadian citizen and compared that number with the taxes on a comparable American, I think there would be a difference. Canada pays its doctors and nurse just like everywhere. Someone has to pay for it.

  33. Yes and American tax dollars also go towards healthcare just towards subsidies for things like pharmaceuticals.

  34. I’m sure that the Ukrainian people aren’t upset about our “oversized” military budget. Last numbers, US support was ten times that from Canada. Please don’t try to square some equivalency in tax rates. The US shoulders a ton of the load that benefit other countries.

  35. Ahh yes, America the world's police, sticking their noses where it doesn't belong and colonizing poorer countries for its own benefits. Tax dollars well spent.

  36. The last sentence kills me. Do they think that's a plus?

  37. The worst part is I know people who routinely brag about their 50+ hour workweek. Hell go around reddit and you'll see the same rhetoric spouted often by corporate bootlickers. "Oh, a 40 hour work week too much? Try my 80 hour one on for size, snowflake!"

  38. No, I'm talking about people that make around the same as me in the lower 100k range, not CEO's of companies.

  39. I'm not Gen Z and I'm not a liberal, ironically we are on the same side of the coin looking at your post history. I assumed you were siding with Trump by saying Biden is worse.

  40. So gender was invented five seconds ago but also goes back to the beginning of humanity? Which is it?

  41. Society has been critical of the trans movement for centuries, it's only recently been more socially acceptable and people like you are firing back under the guise of "I just want to have a debate!"

  42. I don’t understand what your actual problem is but I encourage you to think about it differently. There are serious alternatives to mint for bad breath. Drinking lemon water regularly can help, also consider what you eat.

  43. 3 months? It might be years. My 5yo was and still is a terrible sleeper. Say goodbye to dining out and any travel for a long time.

  44. So what's the upside of having kids?

  45. I know people who planned their kids to the T, selected the perfect partner, worked it all out in regards to money, and I know people who did less planning, or no planning.

  46. Don't forget, when they get called out for it, they turn into the victim.

  47. Made an assumption about you, perhaps an unfair one, based on your take on how public officials should use Twitter.

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