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  1. Fantastic design. How in the world are your FDM prints so incredibly smooth?

  2. I'm trying to align vertices to a plane by selecting all of them, constraining to Z, and setting scale to 0. This works when all vertices are from the same mesh, but doesn't seem to work when selecting vertices from multiple meshes, even when joined. Anyone have tips on how to do this?

  3. Can you set cursor to selected and then scale them to cursor?

  4. Tried that as well. Doesn't work unfortunately.

  5. This is awesome. Interesting to see which legion numbers got swapped.

  6. Boolean has a couple of options at the bottom - try playing around with those

  7. Wow, I did not expect it to be that easy. Switching Solver from "Exact" to "Fast" did the trick. Result:

  8. Looks fantastic! Can't wait to get my hands on this guy. Which light box kit are you using for these photos?

  9. Played it, it's fun! I was thinking, some extra visual feedback for the "repair" state would be nice. The UI, the controls, and general sensation of speed all feel pretty good. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

  10. Cannot recommend Tamriel Rebuilt enough. The quality is insanely high. It pretty much blends seamlessly with vanilla MW and doubles the content.

  11. Ads before exporting AND a paywall for some features? That's pretty gross.

  12. The Lychee monetization stuff was a big turnoff for me too but then I actually tried it and it just does a ton of things way better than Chitubox. Absolutely worth the 15 seconds of ads before export. You end up saving a lot more time simply due to how much easier it is to use and how much more reliable it is than Chitu.

  13. Sweet. I just picked up the one above him in metal to complete my metal set!

  14. I’m missing half of them. So jealous of you two. One day I’ll get the rest.

  15. These latest nids are really top notch. I'm especially digging the vaguely marsh-y bases with the muddy skulls.

  16. These look DOPE!!! I always love stopping by your profile every now and then and seeing your progress. Your output is insane man.

  17. Some factions truly cannot run horde like custodes/knights, but most factions can pretty much do everything.

  18. Thank you for continuing to make the case for better tiebreaker systems.

  19. Where'd you get those Beautiful Leman Russ Turrets? And the Hull Upgrade?

  20. The STLs are available on OP's MMF if you have access to a 3d printer. I picked up a bunch of his battlesuits recently, absolutely top notch stuff!

  21. No hate, but can someone explain to me why Phobos armour is incredibly disliked?

  22. Lots of people feel Phobos has a slim tacticool look that doesn’t fit the chonky armored knight aesthetic of standard power armor, and would be more at home in a more conventional modern sci-fi like Call of Duty or Halo.

  23. It’s Reaper MSP Pale Lichen. Pin washed with GW Nuln Oil. Highlighted with 50/50 Reaper MSP Leather White and Pale Lichen.

  24. I love how many times you’ve been asked this across the internet over the years and how many times you’ve answered. Got a bottle of Pale Lichen arriving in the mail today after being inspired by your work. Thank you for sharing!

  25. I honestly think a list that brings 120 csm could legitimately place at an event, but no one is going to do that with the codex on the horizon.

  26. Given how old the models are I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of players simply have that many csm painted and lying around.

  27. These posts are the best thing to wake up to on Monday mornings

  28. Will the alternative coldstar commander from last year ever make it to MMF or cults? I already bought everything on your page. But I’m definitely still interested in some of those leg and torso variants you posted 6 months ago. Also that RX78 style shoulder bit. And since I’m wishlisting, might as well add that an airburst fragmentation projector bit would be dope!

  29. There should be a "grenade launcher" in the xk-7 pack. I'll probably throw in the parts from that old version of the suit as a freebie in the taugeese pack.

  30. I don't understand why they don't do these in basic plastic like a big toy. The details don't look that precise

  31. Name a toy of this scale with comparable detail.

  32. Most diverse meta since release of Drukhari.

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