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  1. Are you a graphic designer in Mars by chance?

  2. No, literary 0 chance of that, cause my grandad was Italian :D

  3. Doesn’t have to be nostalgia for his own dad, just nostalgia for the time when he was a younger man. Even music you don’t like will evoke a familiarity for a period of time when you kept hearing it over and over again.

  4. "He should get full custody because she's also abandoning them."

  5. She’s not abandoning them. It’s not like she’s planning to never come back. It just seems that she wants to get to a stable situation before she tries to bring them with her.

  6. I told my friend they all laugh at me. If u can afford a therapist do that. If u can’t drugs is the way to go

  7. Sometimes it’s better to be alone than have friends like that.

  8. She kind of looks like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons before she puts on the eyes.

  9. Ryan needs to wear a shirt with this photo on it.

  10. They need to keep the streak alive like those brothers that do the shirts each year for Christmas.

  11. Why is on me to break up when it's him with the concerns? I'm willing to see if this is something that can be worked through but see breaking up as the last resort. If it's because of his mental health then that's a concern for his therapist.

  12. If you don’t want to break up with him, then it’s time to accept that this is what your relationship will always be like anytime he gets scared until he finally decides to move on to someone else. There’s no point asking for advice. Even a child could tell you he isn’t that committed if he’s still doubting the relationship 2 years later.

  13. I can't say it hasn't changed, but I can't say the change happened for the better. The difference now is that I know he needs time to soothe himself but on that short time, I'm left confused about whether he wants to be with me or is convincing himself to stay

  14. It’s not a bug it’s a feature. IMO guys like this treat you this way to make you feel like you have to do everything to keep him around as if he was some sort of treasure. He’s not and a loving partner wouldn’t actually want you feeling this way all the time for 2 years.

  15. Why exactly is your friend feeling betrayed? Because they did stuff at his house during his party or because he feels a sense of ownership over a girl that he no longer dates (and hasn’t for several months)?

  16. I get this point, but adultery has no other perspective that allows it, it surpasses all other transgressions. It is not excusable by other transgressions may be a better way to put it. But yeah, leave and then fuck never fuck then leave.

  17. Is it possible to leave your wallet locked in your car so you can’t physically pay for stuff?

  18. Hell no she might stab u!! (Dead serious I’ve watched to many shows on the ID channel)

  19. If in America, chances are higher that she’ll be shot

  20. "I'd like to remove all your skin and wear your skin over my own skin, but not in a creepy way." -Weird Al Yankovic

  21. It’s actually by Rachel Bloom on Crazy ex girlfriend. It’s a pretty catch song minus the lyrics lol it’s called Feelin Kinda Naughty

  22. My old boss asked me how my weekend was, so I answered, and he told me I'm there to work, not talk about my weekend. That guy was a cunt

  23. That’s when you respond with “Holding a conversation with you IS work.”

  24. I was just streaming the show yesterday and season 6 still wasn’t on there.

  25. Oh yeah just abolish all zoo's and undo all the hard work of conservationists who have rescued animals with dwindling numbers. And who's going to pay to build these fabulous sanctuaries? You?

  26. If you had to choose life in prison or dying, which would you choose? We aren’t giving these animals great options, life in captivity isn’t life at all.

  27. Do you think Calvin’s mom sent Dad blind into this one on purpose? Lol

  28. Life Hack: Don’t go to college.

  29. When was kitten milk replacer introduced? Haven't kittens and cats been served regular cow milk since the beginning of time?

  30. Keep in mind that sick or orphaned animals that needed extra care were often culled so kitten milk replacer wasn’t exactly sought after back in the day.

  31. Nothing will top the first picture. Glorious fro

  32. Your therapist is wrong here. They might be referring to people being on "party manners" in early dating but what you describe it s total sham and might actually be a baby trap. Let the dater beware!

  33. I also feel like the therapist didn’t clearly communicate what they really meant. It’s like going to a job interview and presenting the best version of yourself. But lying about skills you don’t actually have can and will cause issues down the line. If the therapist really meant lying, then wtf.

  34. Almost makes me feel a little sad that most of these people probably don’t work for him anymore with his show being gone. Can’t have been easy to upgrade for the employees when getting new jobs.

  35. I feel like they would have known and had time to get other stuff lined up. Nothing lasts forever in Hollywood.

  36. So at the beginning when he’s supposed to be trying to impress you, you still had to tell him to clean up after himself? Because normal mature boyfriends don’t need to be told to not leave their mess at someone else’s house!!!

  37. If you do anything without your wife’s permission, you’re kinda of a shit husband.

  38. Oh I would have hung up and took her cash and chucked the rest if she asked that to me. Wow… sucks you got burned for doing a good thing. I mean I’d be happy crying if someone found my wallet like that

  39. Well then at that point they might have a point about theft not to mention a phone number to give to the police as a lead.

  40. I found a wallet recently, looked the name up online and found a phone number to text. I spoke with the woman and convinced her I actually found her wallet and she drove to my house so I could return it. When I gave it to her, she accused me of either stealing it myself or knowing who did, and told me she would call the cops. I turned away from her car to walk back into my house and a man walked out of the shadows and got in her car and they drove off. He had been watching me the whole time we were talking and I had no idea he was there. Point is, some people are assholes. I'm glad the person who found his wallet wasn't one and he got his Polaroid back.

  41. No good deed goes unpunished. The trick is to never have actual contact with the people. Mail it or leave it in some lost in found for them to find.

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