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AEW Dynamite last night on TBS (8-10pm): 870,000 viewers P18-49 rating: 0.26

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  1. That entire portion of the segment was a tribute, not just the spike. The chair, the hip in to the corner, the movements.

  2. Go do the Ocean Road to Lorne and back.

  3. I’ve never seen this bitch do any other dance but that one. Does she just repeat it in every video?

  4. Don’t stick your dick in crazy.

  5. They don’t need to do shit just because you said they do.

  6. There are heaps as well as ABC. Got approached by one Journalist from ABC

  7. I was approached by someone who was contracted by the Advertiser to “vet claims” I made on a post about a church for a future article.

  8. Yet I went to the loudest Guns and Roses concert the other evening that literally rattled my ears and didn’t get one noise notification…

  9. I just want WWE to find something for her to do outside of going for titles/being champion. It seems like if she's not doing any of that, they don't know what to do with her.

  10. The thing is though, she wouldn’t do that.

  11. Punk really was a ratings draw then hey… Hoping they can piss off out of the main event scene soon.

  12. Agreed. It's not bad but it's not "all that" that people make it out to be. La Boca on the other hand (in Stamford North Terrace) is 😙👌

  13. Worst steak I’ve ever had came from La Boca lol

  14. Start of the year. Apparently they’ve changed ownership or something.

  15. I mean the guy got a super minimal reaction when his music hit and when he came out, considering he’s the new champ that everyone supposedly wanted.

  16. Yeah that was colossal stupidity just to stop some boo’s and Punk chants.

  17. How do you feel about the members of

  18. The fucking posts in here lately far out. Biggest whining bunch of wankers I have ever seen.

  19. Hang your shirts on clothes hangers on the clothesline. No line or sun markings in unwanted places AND you can just grab them all and immediately hang them up in the wardrobe.

  20. I've had the roof jump video sent to me, can't tell of the extent of his injuries from the video but he appears unconscious after it. 2 friends jump off a roof onto a table together, appears like one landed on the others head.

  21. I’ve seen the video - they’re attempting to drunkenly pull off a WWE wrestling manoeuvre through a table and it goes wrong.

  22. Ick, but then you told all of reddit that they do indeed stay on. Double standards a little ey.

  23. Oh no, it’s impossible to move this road case on wheels.

  24. Brays intro needs to be CUT BACK. It made sense for his debut but the whole lead up to the door opening nonsense is just so boring and drawn out for no reason now. Not to mention we just listen to him do nothing but talk after it. Slowly losing interest in him.

  25. Man I’m so fucking sick of these posts. At this point you’re just trying to take karma.

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