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  1. Patchy. Dude man was quick to turn on spongebob when he thought the groovy walking was the whole lost episode. No loyalty.

  2. We almost died Brandon I was not in control of that situation at all. Look and my hands.

  3. Yeah that was Red Jacket, using three gas operated shotguns was way more cursed than this. Spinning the guns around an axis actually put additional compression on the mag springs and caused many failures to feed. Dr Gatling would be "spinning in his grave" if he knew about that abomination.

  4. "Master Chief, what aren't you doing in this meme?"

  5. No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument. Horseradish is not an instrument either.

  6. You damn commies will never take away the soothing sounds of my mayonnaise jar!

  7. " I remember the gulag" "The sweet sweet gulag" "I always HATED IT!"

  8. Anybody get mind control yet?

  9. And she told me not to worry about him.

  10. I mean, there is a certain entertainment value, but it's really dampened by the fact that he's a human trafficker. He isn't a lolcow, he's an actual criminal POS

  11. No I get it, busted furniture, busted face.

  12. I do believe that's a fuck.

  13. Long as you say it you're good.

  14. eh, she's going to Asia. not going to taiwan when you're already in Asia would be a mistake. tho I would prefer pretty much anyone other than biden, kamala, or pelosi represent us in taiwan lol.

  15. 2 hours and you haven't been down voted to oblivion, nice.

  16. Fuck you that's brilliant. 🤣

  17. Glowin' so bright I thought it was Plankton.

  18. 3rd time in 4 evenings total?

  19. I knew I should've gotten the turbo...

  20. It’s been 9 years what’s wrong with you.

  21. Same thing as everyone else here, I'm on reddit.

  22. Nah, honestly Jon probably doesn't even think about Game Grumps anymore. Ultimately it doesn't matter why he left, he left to do his own thing and seems content with that.

  23. You ain't wrong. I'd still love to see the drama reactors.

  24. I just kinda comment until someone notices

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