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  1. Why do you let your wife rule your life?

  2. Noob question: can PC gaming be as confortable as consoles? What would it take?

  3. God I love Pulp Fiction but that scene with the gimp haunts me.

  4. so you would say a 50% cancelled tour and giving away free tickets to the other 50% is a success? i guess your name is sal slaiby

  5. Oh would you look at that, it's Discord in the sidebar of Opera One.

  6. Holy shit do you people read any of my comments that doesn't have an image with Discord in it?

  7. it probably depends what you mean by 'safe'. it's a solid browser made by a reputable company. it's based on chrome (chromium) and the Brave dev team gets any security or bug fixes from chromium applied to their browser right away. they spend too much dev time on their crypto stuff for my tastes, but some may feel differently.

  8. Sorry for being vague. I meant safe privacy-wise

  9. it’s a board view grouped by the days and you can manually move around the days in the right order

  10. thanks! but in my board it shows apr 11, apr 12 etc. not "monday, tuesday..." like yours

  11. you have to add a select property and have the days as the options, then use that property for grouping in this view

  12. thank you!! one last question, at the start of a new week, do you have to delete old tasks and add the new ones?

  13. how can i make a to-do list like that one?

  14. Bless your heart. I’m glad this works for you. I’d probably have better luck writing to-dos on the back of my hand

  15. how to you change weeks in your to-do list?

  16. so whats all the hate about???

  17. Faz menos de 1 mes ainda O foda é que quando vc sabe que fez a merda, além da tristeza tem o arrependimento junto

  18. Bateman kind of started the sigma trend ( at least as the main posterboy of it ) tbh and that’s how I feel he’s associated with it. The one character I can’t understand being a sigma that I know is Donnie Darko.

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