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  1. My theory on this is that it could be the pro portion of the field for a pro-am?

  2. Also, Fürth isn't too far away. The timeframe of early 2000s helps, as well. Seems plausible, too.

  3. No.14 maybe Joe Perry? He usually signs JPerry but here looks like he signed his full name.

  4. Mars 3 Pro has one pre-installed, but if you are not careful, too stupid or unlucky enough you might be able to break your LCD even with a screen protector.

  5. Thank you! I just had an accident with my Mars 3 (actually some time ago, only noticed today). I removed the black tape right away, since it hat gone all wrinky and sure enough after an abundance of scraping I noticed I was scraping on a sheet of plastic. I dind't find this mentioned anywhere else.

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