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A sense of impending doom

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  1. Yea dont let them get the local clowns to replace it for cheap. Get OEM BMW stamped glass.

  2. Canadian tire “replaced” my aunt’s starter and come to find out 2 months later that the car still had the factory original starter in it. LOL they have the lowest of the low mechanics working there and definitely dont bring a European car to them!

  3. So many people crying. It’s a trend on Reddit. Enjoy it while you can it’ll pass

  4. some people can’t handle their apple juice 😂

  5. Not a clue… some guy just posted a picture of his balls lol

  6. Yea it looks like the whole ass rotor to! To much strain on that axle

  7. Dosnt your car charge it while driving? Mine does

  8. Nahh man should be “North America fuck yea!”

  9. I'm curious which province? In Ontario we don't have to split assets if it's only common law separation, it has to be marriage.

  10. Yes im in Ontario, the law doesn’t require you to split assets like marriage but you can sue in court and get a settlement which she did. And because she made so little at her job she was basically a dependent. And courts feel bad for people like that.

  11. I’d really like to know what happened with/to that guy’s jaw.

  12. Out of all the possibilities… he sustained a broken rib. Thats it lol.

  13. I’ve been seeing lots of videos where they find missing persons have just driven into bodies of water on their way home from places. Maybe hire a team to search some near her typical routes home?

  14. This also reminds me of this map.

  15. POV: You forgot to warn your passenger that there's a drink in your cupholder BEFORE they got in🥲

  16. LOL my dad always says that! “Why is your drink in my leg space?”

  17. He had an MG midget when he was younger, after that it was big ass pickup trucks. He gets claustrophobic 😂

  18. I have those exact same rims on my 09 323i such a beautiful look

  19. 8×50mmR Lebel. Standard French Cartdridge in WW1. In all likleyhood war booty of the Wehrmacht, handed out in the last days to the militias (Volkssturm). Be carefull there! If they drop cartridges, the might have dropped grenades.

  20. My Opa was in volkssturm 16 yrs old. He said they handed out junk that half the time didn’t even work.

  21. Is he still alive? It'd be interesting to interview him

  22. No he pased in 2013, but never really talked about the war unless you specifically asked a question, he did teach me how to shoot a pellet rifle like he was taught in the military which is a treasured memory.

  23. Is it possible to remove the drywall and create a cabinet between the studs? And that's fine, we literally only have a lazy Susan right now, and it stores all our cereal, spices, cooking supplies, etc... it's an abysmal mess.

  24. Your gonna have to make another post on this sub asking if the wall is load bearing

  25. There are an estimated 5,000 totenkopf rings that were sealed in a mountain mineshaft at the end of WW2 they are estimated at $44 million and have not been found

  26. Exposing the weak spots on the tank and getting surrounded by enemies

  27. Thanks so what tier is my tank?

  28. I'd buy it. Don't see many E90 manuals.

  29. Do the bbq lighter trick to make the screen work

  30. That only works for a couple of days.. if it even works at all.

  31. Yea but at least they guy can read whats on the screen

  32. Yeah, vacuum what you can, if you have an air tank, blast whatever else you can out with air. Run the climate control afterwards to blow out whatever got in the ducts, then you can start cleaning.

  33. Lol i can see this being a circle jerk, clean the car, turn on the blowers, clean car again, etc

  34. I love this, taking something from the dead and putting her back on the road! Great job man you’ve got a beautiful car. Is it manual or auto?

  35. It's a common turn of phrase in the UK. Good egg = top bloke = "you're a good person "

  36. I love uk insults way better 😂 whats one for a bad egg?

  37. Yep the owner seems to have taken really good care of it. Has almost every service record since new.

  38. This is a beautifully maintained car atleast cosmetically from what we can see in the pics, most shops dont even bother to put the under panels back on or the heat shields when doing maintenance.

  39. Check your DISA valves too. There's a high chance at least one of them is worn out or stopped working entirely.

  40. Really? I just replaced my PCV and still feels like im towing a trailer. But no more smoke and rough idle atleast. I should check the disa valve

  41. Beautiful! I remember when i first brought my e90 home. 2 years later its was 100% the best decision i ever made, came from a rust bucket 2006 range rover to an immaculate 2009 323i 6MT.

  42. will do welder is away until next week ill give updates 👍🏼

  43. As an aluminum welder I would turn this job down 😂 just because its such a tight space to get the gun in, then grind most of the weld off so the tensioner will sit flat. But it would help if you heat the area up with a small torch first so the engine block dosnt absorb all the heat from the welder instantly, but just be careful not to overheat it because of gaskets in that area.

  44. Omfg can we let kids be kids and stop using them as props for activism

  45. I remember being in school when 2012 was supposed to end us all, then life moves on. These kids are stressing about only having 12 years to stop climate change yet this old lady knows the real truth.

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