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  1. Someone with lower IQ (like me) would have tried throwing the log they were holding to be able to move the next one. I tip my hat to this brilliance

  2. Do they flatten and smooth it out? Or is putting it in like that so they don’t have to pay for it to be full?

  3. No earthly idea, good question. Probably only has to be filled a certain amount though. They would label it and sell it as per the amount they put in, not what the max capacity is

  4. Best part is the "do not disturb" notification appearing after the keyboard solo.

  5. I saw that too, it actually said "do not disturb: off" which makes sense, cuz once the solo was over, you've seen the best of it, so it's a good time to take texts and/or calls.

  6. Who the hell typed this up? Maybe I’m nitpicking but holy shit; Shouldn’t a state filed inspection reporting details of an employees on-job death at least be legible?!

  7. As someone with OCD nothing would haunt my ghost more than knowing my death report was illegible

  8. A year ago maybe? Last time I saw this video it said he was cut by machete.

  9. Fucking hell I'd rather be dead. Beautiful mug gone, will probably never enjoy food or women the same again

  10. Tiny Tim was seen as a joke, but that man had some talent. And his knowledge of Tin Pan Alley songs was unsurpassed

  11. The joke was how much unrecognized talent he had

  12. Instead of having arrows pointing at spots on the chart it should have been color coded

  13. We all thought OP typo'd and meant to say "crazy flip OFF a cliff"

  14. He's full of shit. That's his problem. He dishes out unhelpful advice and argues in favor of things which are not true, and he know they are not true, because people are naive and think that he actually believes in what he's saying, and he is not at all doing it for publicity and out of greed.

  15. Now we all have Access to that information

  16. Did anyone think it was gonna be at the first intersection so they were bracing for impact at that moment? Lol I was nervous

  17. Don't do it, I used to be a really smart kid way ahead of those in my grade, started smoking at 13 and I'm basically retarded today. Wait til you're 21 at least but 23-25 is even better after your brain stops developing.

  18. Pretty close. It was The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977)

  19. Seriously. I want to sell my PS4 soon, because I got a Series S and just realized I have 36 game replays saved on my PS4 that will just be gone. I mean I can record all the replays and upload them all to YouTube, but man, that's a lot of work... :-/

  20. I know, imagine sitting around and actually watching your old replays, who tf wants to do that 😂

  21. lol, I watched my earliest games and it was funny seeing me play as a Bronze. 😂😂

  22. Same haha I was scared to even drive anywhere, cuz like what if the ball goes past me lol? I liked to goaltend a lot in those days

  23. The way she waved at the end like he was being weird about it, that really got me

  24. That's your interpretation of it? Lol all I got out of that was "ope, my bad"

  25. I had a friend that had one of those too we called it the 6 shooter

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