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  1. Ideally we'd get Tomura, AFO, then Stain/Overhaul/Other. and Toga

  2. I want some villains god damnit, GIVE ME ALL FOR ONE OR GIVE ME DEATH

  3. Their money, if I steal just enough it'll be an inconvenience

  4. I never thought I'd see it again but here it is

  5. It's been several years since I read it and it's still coming back to haunt me... my god...

  6. I always thought it was just a “manifestation”. Or maybe it’s like a God and Jesus situation lol. The Virgin Herald birthed baby Nox lmao

  7. I don't want to play against just mobile so no

  8. I realized that yesterday when my friend told me that was the case

  9. What's the best grader to send cards to to get graded

  10. Yellow and gold, there the only games out of those that I've played

  11. I thought you couldn't do all black superhero skins

  12. I've never seen that fish stick before, where did it come from?

  13. Give me one I have built up a decent tolerance to sour candy so maybe I could do it

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