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  1. You’re defending an organization that CAUSED the shootout, as well as numerous other shootouts including Ruby Ridge.

  2. I guess criminals bear no responsibility for their actions in your world? Responsible Gun Owner logic strikes again!

  3. They shouldn’t be given the death penalty and prevented from getting their fair trial. Get the fuck out of here you fucking bootlicker. Go shoot a dog or watch your wife get fucked by a real man.

  4. If they didn't want to die maybe the Branch Davidians shouldn't have burned themselves alive, as the arson investigators proved? You seem more upset with the ATF for excecuting a warrant than the BD's executing a bunch of children. Sad.

  5. So you agree they steal them from legal gun owners.

  6. Yes, Legal Gun Owners are the ones supplying criminals with guns to commit crimes with. Either Gun Owners aren't very responsible, or guns certainly aren't very good at preventing crime.

  7. So 70% of all are guns stolen guns and you say, “it’s just gun owners”. Disingenuous much?

  8. Stolen from??? Legal gun owners. Come on dude, blind people could connect these dots. Are you in such denial that you're actively enabling violent crime you would lie to yourself? I'd certainly hope not.

  9. Ok I get it, your attacking my character Bc you have no argument. Like a third grader yelling “he farted” on the bus. Nice

  10. Insult? I'm sorry, but if you want to be taken seriously maybe don't believe things so ridiculous?

  11. Lmao! Self reported data! Fun fact, 100% in prison are innocent according to prisoners. Any proof your data is relevant???? What percentage of that 31% were actually crimes? Or did they not report that they were just threatening random people with a gun?

  12. You know, the whole definition of “sec defense” means to defend one’s self. So I assume they were preventing a crime like assault. Also where else are we going to data about gun self defense from? Lobsters

  13. If you think that we need to expose children to highly sexual situations, and if you think that gun laws do literally anything to stop shooters, there might be no helping you.

  14. If you think Drag is sexual, or evidence showing that gun laws demonstrably lowering crime doesn't exist, you may be totally incapable of critical thinking.

  15. That's what guns are for. Blast a round or two and there won't be any assailant

  16. Okay, then i will 3d print guns until they run dry out of money. Free money for me!

  17. Reading never was gun enthusiasts strong suit.

  18. It's really REALLY funny that you believe that.

  19. Not a great analogy b/c guns are just so different from cars.

  20. "The only way to stop a bad guy with a rabid lion is a good guy with a rabid lion!"

  21. The Maternal Mortality rate is 23.8 per 100k. For context, deaths in car crashes is 11.7 per 100k. We as a country have already decided you can kill people if you believe they are threatening your life, so I propose that since childbirth is so dangerous that Abortion can be considered self defense.

  22. Definitely the actions of a sane individual and not someone who is going to kill again.

  23. Oliver Markus Malloy? Long time since I've thought of that goofball. I wonder if they're still on their "men and women can't be friends" kick?

  24. I don't get why they keep repeating that. Do they think every article of clothing is unique? Have they really not figured out there is more than 1 pair of khakis?

  25. See gun owners! There are way cooler ways you can attack people!

  26. Ooo yay first comment! U need to catch a bullet to the spine, stomach and then after 4 hours of squirming, (not below the legs tho cuz ur paralysed from the spinal shot) 15 to the head. Love you, 😘

  27. Responsible gun owners at it again I see. How did you become so sensitive?? 🙄

  28. Looks like I upset the pedo brigade. So sad.

  29. Americans have on average 2 fingers! (Thumbs, index, middle, and pinky fingers don't count).

  30. Odds of someone drawing just because you pissed them off with a conceal carry is small. It's not impossible, but it's small. Because unlike having to get a rifle you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get a conceal carry. You have to show that you're gonna be responsible with your firearm. If someone does then report them, make them lose their firearm. Bam issue done.

  31. I can't believe this has to be said, but the chances of someone shooting you is infinitely higher if that person has a gun vs. if they didn't have a gun. People who carry guns, CC or whatever, its irrelevant. The presence of a gun makes the situation more dangerous. Furthermore, if someone is carrying a gun in a dentist office (or anywhere) it's safe to automatically assume that person is unstable.

  32. That is a biased take right there. Yes if there isn't a gun in the room no one is getting shot because there is no gun. But if there is a gun in the room it does not mean your chances aren't zero of getting shot. Yes because there is a firearm there.

  33. Well, I'd have to say statistically you're putting yourself and other people in greater danger for no good reason, but I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

  34. Why he wearing the Nazi Totenkopf face cover tho?

  35. Nothing bothers me more than people trying to convince others voting is pointless.

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