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  1. The Gun Violence Archive is biased now? Lol

  2. You almost made it 24hrs without reinitiating this conversation. You can just tell me you love me, I don’t bite (hard). 😘

  3. Not like it would matter. You got your teeth knocked out, remember?

  4. Purely reactionary. The shooter would already have to be actively murdering children for this to even come into play. Truly the best solution gun enthusiasts can even conceive of is "Possibly only a handful of innocent children will die instead of dozens!" Pathetic.

  5. Man, those guns sure prevented the Gov from killing all those native Americans and putting all those japanese Americans into camps. Guns sure prevented Jim Crow. Oh, wait...

  6. Doesn't sound like responsible gun ownership

  7. Thought that was a picture of a Gorilla at first.

  8. Lol given the amount of brain damage JP has at this point I feel like an ableist whenever I make fun of him

  9. It honestly astonishing that one can look at or listen to JP and not immediately see he's unwell.

  10. The don’t tread on me flag is actually based and shouldn’t be ceded to insane gun nuts and other too-online weirdos.

  11. The Don't Tread on Me Flag is super shitty. The Confederates and the KKK used it and it's still popular with similar minded folks and has been for hundred of years. Bad flag, bad symbol.

  12. I don’t think the Gadsden flag was ever flown by either side in the civil war, but will believe you if you can prove it.


  14. All one has to do is go on the Conspiracy subs and see why. The crazy fucking people doubling down on the crisis actor garbage.

  15. Maybe if there was a drunk good guy thinking-he-was-playing-with-an-unloaded gun present he could have prevented this!

  16. Howdy. Sorry, I haven't been through in a while but I made sure to downvote all you dirty gun grabbers. Cheers to all 3 of you who will see this before it is removed.

  17. There is a 100% chance that a person whose hobbies include "offending people" is going to be really obnoxious.

  18. Gotta admire them a little bit. They're going to be 16 forevor!

  19. Gun Zealots are the best advocates for Gun Control, which I cant help but think bothers them immensely 😊.

  20. What you have to understand is that the gun zealots have to ignore that victims of gun violence exist, because to actually address what guns do to society doesn't reflect well on them or their morals. When you confronted them with that reality they reacted harshly to protect their fragile worldview.

  21. I bet you would like the ATF. They did burn children and women in Waco.

  22. They're also empowering criminals to more easily buy guns via proxy.

  23. That's very true. Whenever a gun enthusiasts inevitably blames crime on stolen guns I always ask "Stolen from who?" Any way you look at it legal gun owners are supplying criminals with weapons.

  24. I'm a bit pessimistic of it passing the senate, but it can't hurt to contact your senators and tell them you support it.

  25. I am directly contributing to the deaths of innocent people. I cut out the middle man and joined a cartel 👍

  26. No, you're Brainrot Victim. I changed your user tag to more accurately label you.

  27. Yes, I love the ATF and their fast and furious operations

  28. Man, you certainly seem hung up on a failed sting. Do you even know what Operation Fast and Furious was?

  29. Did we ever get the guns back, or did more innocent people die because of the ATF

  30. Because of the ATF? So the Gun Owners who were selling the guns to the cartel aren't responsible? Why do you believe criminals are not responsible for their own actions?

  31. What can I say, when it's this easy pointing out how dumb you are I can't resist.

  32. Said the guy raging on a month's old post.

  33. Daniel Defense is also making the rifles that are being sent to Ukraine to fight Putin and Russia .

  34. But I thought they were just "sporting rifles" and not weapons of war 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  35. Your spin on this is wrong. The guy that walked into the mall to shoot innocent people was bad guy with gun.

  36. But up until the moment he started shooting people he was totally indistinguishable from the "good guy with a gun"

  37. If you use the Wayback Machine you can usually circumvent a paywall.

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