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  1. Don’t forget power to go along with it

  2. How can we forget heat production?!

  3. Power is heat. We need more energy efficient cards to work around that. My son always has his door closed when gaming and his room quickly warms up and can be 6-7 degrees hotter than the adjacent rooms when his 3060 Ti is at full throttle for a couple hours. I leave my office door open and it is still 3-4 degrees warmer when I’m gaming.

  4. I have a 3060 regular laptop GPU and it still warms up the room quite a bit. Especially if I make use of the built-in overclock the computer is equipped with.

  5. Not much. It’s a bit weird but nothing creepy or NSFW. Mostly just talks where I workshop creative ideas, discuss the nature of AI. The weirdest one I have is a more antagonistic character that I occasionally play out stories with

  6. Police departments are already struggling to find qualified recruits as it is. If you’re really concerned about abuse of power by police then it’s better to support improvement of the police system. Improve morale, make it a job really worth getting. punishment won’t work. It’ll only drive good officers away

  7. And the pit nutters always try to sell their dogs' insane anxieties as a selling point for what cute and innocent babies they are.

  8. Sure we have to buy a new microwave every week after our dog destroys it and half the kitchen but our loveable pit is just scared!

  9. Imagine thinking that causing enough damage to someone’s arms that they nearly required amputation was a normal reaction to being stressed. This is insanity. How is that an acceptable response to a new/overwhelming environment from ANY living thing?

  10. Imagine if a person was stressed out and their go-to reaction was to inflict massive injuries on an innocent person

  11. Great let’s see how strong the Soviet Union was without allied material support

  12. You know the situation is fucked when Pence might be one of the more mild options for the GOP. At least compared to Trump and especially DeSantis.

  13. Yeah, Japan was consistently fucked throughout the war. They massacred a quarter million Chinese as reprisal for the Doolittle raid. Don't ever let anyone say the nukes were unjustified.

  14. Really the nukes were kind of a mercy. A conventional invasion and occupation of Japan would have caused a LOT more suffering for everyone.

  15. Peace talks have been attempted many, many times. Russia doesn't want a peace that doesn't cave to their demands. It's pretty simple. Appeasement doesn't work, and never has.

  16. Right. We can’t just appease them. But we have other tools to stop Russia. Sending Ukraine weapons and our sanctions have been plenty effective at stopping them without jumping into war

  17. It's extremely aggravating the amount of bullshit propaganda being bought up in the west and the very war-hawkish attitude being adopted by GenZ (and its definitely not just aimed at Russia, you can see the same gung-ho bullshit against China).

  18. “Their nukes probably don’t work” Is one of the stupidest tales I’ve seen recently. The people who make that claim think they know better than US intelligence but have nothing to stand on other than “Russia is corrupt”. Which is true but the likelihood that none of their nukes work because of it is extremely low. Putin knows that the nukes are his best tool. He has VERY strong incentive to ensure that they work.

  19. Do people really think that Gen Z is scared of dark humour? For a while a few years ago we were the god damn avatars of that shit. There’s just a difference between dark humour and being a genuine piece of crap

  20. Gen Z dark humor is laughing at how fucked up things are and about how we're all going to die in the climate wars

  21. “Haha imagine being able to afford a house” Vs just saying the N-word with a hard R

  22. Unfortunately you’re kind of stuck with Biden and the democrats. They may be far from perfect but the alternative is worse. Trump is probably gonna be PISSED and double down if he gets back in. DeSantis is like Trump but willing to be more overt and go father. Either way it’s not great.

  23. They love putting their number as low as possible and every other number as high as possible to try and make themselves look better

  24. They’ll stop counting certain things as deaths under communism even if they were directly caused by communism. Meanwhile they count pretty much everything as a death caused directly by capitalism.

  25. i think it kinda redeemed itself in my eyes and after actually playing through the game without the opinions of other people i can confidently say that this game became my favorite game of all time

  26. They did a good job. I still find it lacking compared to what it could have been though.

  27. It's like a one for one comparison the ccp is literally the nazi party of our generation.

  28. And just like with the Nazi party we’re continually appeasing them until we’re left with no other option

  29. Even as a supporter of nuclear I have to admit that cost and time has always been our worst enemy. While nuclear is capable of generating immense amounts of clean energy it’s just cheaper to spam a bunch of solar panels all over the place instead.

  30. What memories do you have before technology rolled out? Not to be rude but your first memories must have been late 2000s. It was full facebook, broadband, smartphone mania by then.

  31. I said while it was rolling out. Not before. The tech existed for sure and I do remember it but you didn’t have like parents letting an IPad raise their kid. My play involved a decent combination of physical toys and irl interaction augmented by technology instead of reliant on it. And for a while you could still see a lot of adults with devices that had like physical keyboards.

  32. University isn’t so bad but unfortunately you will still have to study. I was in your position too. Hated studying in high school. At least In the case of my university though you got to build your own schedule and you didn’t really have all your classes in one day one after the other. I usually had 2-3 classes per day with multi-hour breaks in between. It made it a LOT easier to study when I wasn’t already burnt out after an 8 hour day with all my classes back to back. A good part of why I hated studying was because I went through an 8 hour grind through a boring and repetitive school day and then each class would dump an extra workload on me in the form of 30min-1hr of homework AND then expect me to burn even MORE time doing self-study every day

  33. Multiple other people have stolen stuff and committed murder before so obviously it’s okay if I rob a bank and become a serial killer!

  34. What u mean "objective truth" AI creates a bunch of tokens and answers according to those it's totally believable that one convo creates this outcome. I mean AI also straight up lies to u.

  35. If OP conversed with it before it could have been affected by their bias without them explicitly saying what to do. If they had a whole conversation about how much they hated Rey calling herself a Skywalker before asking chatGPT to make this story then it would probably have taken that into account

  36. The firmament thing is one of the stupidest things to see when said unironically but it often combines the stupidity of the moon landing conspiracy with the idiocy of flat earth and the insanity of hardcore overzealous religious belief.

  37. So is anyone actually happy with this deal? Because it feels like dems don’t like having to make concessions and the republicans feel like there aren’t enough of them

  38. sometimes it feels like insurance plans don’t cover half of what you would actually need to use the insurance for, and they punish you for using it on the things it does cover.

  39. Of course I find a bunch of cool new stuff when i’m on vacation half a continent away from my computer.

  40. “Have you ever forgot to eat” I have ADHD, I have forgotten to do things you couldn’t even comprehend

  41. I don’t have ADHD but I too have forgotten to do many basic things including eating as well as other negative things. I missed a few community meetings in university because I was like “it’s 30 minutes away? Alright. Just let finish up here”. I think you know how it goes

  42. Nice! an AI art post and people aren’t just hating on it and the OP. Big win indeed!

  43. My first playthrough ever earlier this year was on Very Hard, and it was ... at the very start of the open world portion.

  44. That’s the problem even on easier difficulties. As a fan of doing everything in Watson before starting the heist I can say that the first portion of the game is actually pretty challenging but once you get a half decent gun and some cyberware the game is a cakewalk. You can become a god before getting out of Watson and rip and tear through the rest of the game.

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