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  • By - GRS-

  1. Just confused on where the witch hunts and angry energy are for them considering theyre just as much of an asshole here

  2. Share with the class how this 16 year old willingly put malware in code without telling anyone in a field in which having the trust of your users is paramount.

  3. What does the gshade dev's bad decision have to do with the clout chaser's? Both of them are chronically online weirdos except people are so angy at gshade they're trying to hype up the person who's acting like they're crimew for repacking some modding software.

  4. Definitely the middle, I have this weird urge to just go on and be a wingman, it just gives me fulfillment and happiness helping other people being happy together, have it be a healthy wholesome relationship as long as I got the approval, I'll be the best wingman I can be

  5. I don’t know anything about cottagecore, whats the racist history?

  6. I wasn't banned for it, but one time on

  7. LGBT online spaces are insaaaaane these days honestly. I'm glad I've found other subreddits to lukr because that one is just so obnoxious and ironically not welcoming at all to lesbians lmao

  8. omg I've seen all of your stuff on dynasty and had no idea you posted here too. thank you for all of the amazing comics 🥺

  9. The thing is, Clefable doesn’t get to pick what it gets. That might as well could have been splash and the story would’ve been different for the pink one.

  10. I was definitely not prepared for block honestly lol. As a last effort I was actually hoping for fly at the time so I could get closer to the other goal zone with my teammates and when I saw I rolled block I was like well.. I guess this could work too.

  11. Honestly for the first like second or two I was just trying to get him away and then I saw the jump pad and thought I could launch him lmao. I credit all of the Snorlax mains I've seen do this in my games though! It's always so cool when they pull this off.

  12. I personally really like Senpai from Nagatoro. He has shown some great character growth from how he used to be in the early chapters. Nagatoro too.

  13. Both characters have great designs and personalities imo and make what would otherwise be another generic romcom pretty refreshing and fun to read. Like what do these manga and light novel creators have against making their male MCs something more than "apathetic skinny dude with the $5 special haircut"??

  14. I am so in love with the way you color! It fits the aesthetic of 3H so well. And I'm also an official Claude/Carina shipper (would their ship name be Clarina? Carude?? 🤔) now too.

  15. she is B tier at best. Depression is not attractive and also she doesn't really seem so either. She is pretty tho. But eye bags are hot??? lol no

  16. C for looks S for personality (I voted B). I love you Raph but you look like a human Geodude...

  17. Petra is a weird case because she's the same age as Lysithea, but before I looked it up, her design made me think she was up there with Dorothea as one of the oldest students (even pre-timeskip).

  18. Honestly I completely forgot Petra was the same age until you just mentioned it now. I don't think it's necessarily a case of you being a bad judge it's just that Lysithea is constantly reminding us of her age by making references to it and the fact that her implied immaturity is a huge part of her character.

  19. I mean, Dimitri and Marianne do canonically get married, so I would imagine that's a significant factor lol

  20. I mentioned this in another post but using marriage as an indicator for same sex relationships isn't as widely accepted due to real world parallels not really allowing this in very many places. As much as I would love for marriage between two people of the same sex to be seen as an every day thing the reality of it is it's not. This is usually why the absence of marriage in same sex relationships (or the presence of it in heterosexual relationships) doesn't carry the same weight or importance for the LGBT community as it might for straight people.

  21. Sure, that's absolutely true, and thats why people are split on it. When you put "married" and "like family" side by side, those of us who are accustomed to wider definitions of family or to calling a partner of ~10 years family despite not being married will read it one way, whereas people deeply entrenched in a heteronormative culture will read it completely differently. (Obviously I don't actually assume all us queer people are going to see it one way while all the straight people will see it another, I'm making a massive generalization for simplicity's sake and I'm fully aware of that)

  22. Sorry lol figured you'd understand based on your first reply. I always find myself getting too invested in these convos and sometimes putting my comments out there for any people who are lurking.

  23. I still love Holst but he really got that hero worship treatment where everyone's interpretations of him ended up sounding better than the actual thing. The siscon vibes he gives off in Hopes really hurt my original opinion of him and I wasn't a huge fan of how nagging he was with Balthus in a lot of their conversations together.

  24. He looks a pretty silly to me and while it's charming in its own way I just can't see him as anything other than a C. His personality is just alright, he's got a better attitude towards nobility and his own personal duties than some but it's not really innovative or spicy enough for me to really find him memorable. Honestly at times it feels like he's suffering from nice guy syndrome.

  25. These are gorgeous! If you end up doing the rest of the prompts I hope you'll continue to post them here. I want to know more about Carina now!

  26. Based on your comments you seem a little obsessed with getting people to dislike Hilda. I hope you find peace with yourself eventually.

  27. Idk looks pretty serious based on the amount of times you feel the need to be in peoples mentions over this.

  28. I'd never considered Balthus and Manuela but honestly your headcanon of them together is so good I can't really picture anything else now. If anyone is going to understand her destructive lifestyle and help her feel like it's okay it's him. I know it's common to ship him and Holst together but I have trouble seeing them as right for each other just because it seems like their relationship would be built around trying to constantly "fix" Balthus which just seems kinda... depressing imo. Like I know his lifestyle isn't healthy but dude is just trying to vibe and completely accepts it (and genuinely seems to enjoy it).

  29. I honestly love him the most. He's like a cooler older brother I wish I had that would validate all of my bad decisions and probably join in on them too. Plus he's dressed like a Yakuza npc. Like it can't get any better than that.

  30. Man it's so funny that ppl on this sub are suddenly tired of this topic now when it's about El not being straight. And some of you are REALLY dramatic. Idk how to tell you that lesbians are not bullying you for shipping M!Edeleth. We aren't to blame because there isn't enough M!Edeleth content. We aren't to blame because your ship isn't as popular as ours? Sure, there are random ppl on both sides that are nasty, but now it's just the sapphics being mean for not shipping your preferred ship and making content for it? God, stop being so entitled . If you want more content of your ship, then do it yourselves or pay artists.

  31. Absolutely insane that you're making the same point I made in the other thread but getting down voted for it? People on this sub seem fucking obsessed just because you haven't been letting them get away with their bullshit.

  32. This is like the first D tier I gave. I'm sorry I just do not see a single attractive thing about this man between his dorky hair and bad "I just hit puberty and I'm growing facial hair" mustache.

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