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CM Punk & Colt Cabana (2005): "Most women in the wrestling business are rats" - both describe intentionally injuring an aspiring female talent whenever she wanted to train so they could "keep her in check" & continue taking advantage of her for free transportation to shows

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  1. This is such a weird "update" because who didn't think this was a "kayfabe" role? Nobody should've seen that and thought Tony Khan wasn't booking ROH anymore, lol.

  2. There were people actually wondering what the announcement meant and if Stokely was actually going to be booking ROH or not both here and on Twitter.

  3. The good news is that the low ticket sales might translate in become massive cards to get the tickets moving

  4. Yeah, I think it depends a lot on what exactly they do on the debut show and what storylines and matches they set up for the Canada dates. If they can book some really good cards, those numbers should go up.

  5. Let's look at this logically here. So a single source in AEW told them that the Dave Meltzer story is fake.

  6. Gee, I wonder if David Bixenspan has anything to say about this.

  7. Yep this was the match of the year for me. Absolutely fantastic match.

  8. He didn't. On Monday's WOR he talked about Cabana going to WWE and then it seems somebody told him this was the real story between then and now, so he was making a correction on this WOR.

  9. Speaking of which, from this same Observer issue, there's a note on Raw shows in Philippines:

  10. I thought it was a good show. I didn't watch the kickoff match, but I watched everything else.

  11. Orange Cassidy vs Buddy Matthews was a banger – thought it was the best match on the show

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