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  1. One of the quickest sagas I've seen in football.

  2. Doesn’t he have a five year contract lol

  3. There’s a video of him recording the song in a stadium somewhere on this sub for those who don’t know!

  4. Keep telling yourself that the EU cares about you, that this has no political interests, and that one benefit that seems convenient, outweighs all its negative consequences. I'm not hoping to convince anyone either. It's just sad that people are so short sighted and usually only look at just one side of the coin.

  5. Can you please explain how your proposal (which would be that apple could throttle the charging speed of non-Apple cables) would be benefitial to consumers?

  6. It doesn't matter what I say. You probably already made your decision and there's no use trying to convince you. I'll get downvoted whatever points I bring up. In psychology this is called Halo effect.

  7. Fair point, I thought you were arguing how apple should throttle the charging speed (which is the title of the post).

  8. Am American so perhaps abit partial, but yeah, it’s a damn good one. It’s in Monkey shoulder territory but perhaps better. Let’s just say I never touch jack or Jim beam lol:).

  9. Is it also sweet like monkey shoulder? That kind of put me of it, I‘m not the biggest monkey shoulder fan

  10. No, i was thinking more quality wise. The final notes of spice and barrel char may be a bit too biting for those new to bourbon.

  11. Have you had the Bulleit Bourbon? How does Buffalo Trace compare to it?

  12. Gonna say it. The song is a bit of a let down, personally. Well written, great vibe, I just... can't get over the use of "Oh God" so repeatedly. I feel like his theology is drifting

  13. Can you explain this please? I keep reading this on the sub, but I don’t understand what’s the problem with specifically overusing „Oh God“? Genuinely curious.

  14. It can be taken as him talking to God in the song but with how it's use and how much it's used it's like using God's name in vain which violates the 3rd commandment

  15. He used to have really happy songs (or at least features) waaay back before his NF EP, so it’s not his happiest song ever. But probably the happiest on an album

  16. Great read! How many days did you spend in Scotland?

  17. From the sound of it some kind of Bunnahabain release, maybe the Bunna 25 (haven’t had that one in particular before, so maybe someone can add on)?

  18. I mean they did. No one boycotted in a meaningful way. They just made jokes online

  19. Which is partly due to Deshaun playing like shit. Boycotting just isn’t as effective imo, especially if the alternative is making fun of a rapist.

  20. Spotify gets $12bn in annual revenue. Soccer teams are small businesses compared to the real big companies

  21. But operates at -430€ Million (2022), so it is a big number for them as well

  22. He said in an intimate concert in 2019 that he only knows about 5 chords on guitar and that he switches guitars to get different tunings/different capo placements so he can play all his songs in the original key since he wouldn’t be able to do that woth just the 5 chords he knows. That and also propably to save his guitar strings, back in the day he broke his strings all the time on Bloodstream and Ynmidny.

  23. Pretty sure he was joking on the „I can only play 5 chords“ part, because he can play way more. However, you are correct that its about tuning and capo placement.

  24. You just made me realize the album’s probably available for pre-order and I was finally early enough to buy one of those signed CD’s from the website before they sold out🔥

  25. I’ve heard at one point Apple was looking to buy them out

  26. The Tom Brady of Football some might say

  27. How does it compare to an Octomore? Do you think it’s better/worse?

  28. I wouldn't compare this particular edition to an Octomore (lower proof) but I have tasted many of the Port Charlotte special editions (MC:01, MRC:01, OLC:01 & SC:01) and those I think stack up well against octomore. I find they are more chiseled and nuanced, more depth, it's not so much better or worse more than less tiring I think.

  29. What Port Charlotte is the best in your opinion? (Also considering value)

  30. Not a scotch, but imo Redbreast 12 is the best place to start the (unpeated) whisky journey.

  31. Who on earth keeps downvoting this post? Cocktails are amazing.

  32. Idk I was just curious. I never had a whisky cocktail before, and the answers here are great.

  33. Wo bekommt ihr die samples her?

  34. What was the comment he answered to?

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