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  1. I think you mean a Viagra dispensary, a Rainforest Cafe, a bunch of privacy rooms, and a Sbarro.

  2. One of my local malls has at least 2 of those things.

  3. Nice drawing, but this should probably be tagged as disturbing.

  4. Furries be like: Can't stand brands.

  5. Round 1 at Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, TX.

  6. Finally, an elusive crypto-lambo in the wild. Thought I'd never see it in my lifetime.

  7. Weird optical illusion made me think the planes were flying at first.

  8. Saw "Fat Amy" in the title and thought I was on

  9. Pretty sure there are plenty of tractors with cvts.

  10. I get their frustrations but like, Nintendo was never going to support the community that says “don’t get the new game, just keep playing the one that game out 15 years ago”

  11. While I don't expect Nintendo to ever be supportive of the smash community, it would at least be nice if they stopped actively trying to undermine it. Nintendo pretended to support the smash world tour up until the last possible moment, seemingly in an attempt to inflict the most damage possible.

  12. Think I've made something like this in blender once.

  13. Pretty good aside from rhyming told with untold.

  14. No, right now he is actually innocent, his guilt has yet to be proven in court. 😤

  15. I could be mistaken, but I thought I heard somewhere that the presumption of innocence isn't a thing in Japanese courts.

  16. Plot twist: that's where his first dollar used to be.

  17. Using an fx-4350 still. Might upgrade to an 8350 at some point so that I can put off building a new system for a while longer.

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