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  1. Would love to know where you read that, because a lot of those 95% of people who need the $10K would not experience the life-changing benefits of the money because they would spend it on the wrong things, not the things that would change their life, which is why they are in that situation to begin with.

  2. Price controls FAIL in the long run. SORRY HAHAHAHAHA

  3. Nobody gives a fuck about the long run when they need relief now.

  4. Yup, at the rate things are degrading a lot of us are just gonna opt out of being around for "the long run" lmao. I sure hope things improve before then.

  5. Yes, nothing gives a spiritual connection like a 16.2% chance of killing something for a social media post. I'm sure you'd love those odds applied to your family pets and consider it no big deal, right?

  6. That 16.2% includes every dickhead who handles the fish like shit, and everyone using hooks too big or too aggressive for what they're fishing. With the proper equipment and handling it's much, much lower.

  7. If you were familiar with catch and release you'd know that swimming away is not an indicator of survival. Having the fish out of water for 30 seconds is by definition, handling the fish like shit.

  8. Nahh, this fish was still handled significantly better than the vast majority of fish; trying to isolate it down to "how long out of the water" is really dumb. A passive fish (like this one) out of the water loses little of its mucus when handled with wet hands, his net was the proper material, no reaching into the gills and using the net to carefully reintroduce it to the water.

  9. There's literally zero evidence of this.

  10. So now they request you volunteer time to do THEIR job. Haha love where this province is going.🤦

  11. The reason is because the amount of time they waste trying to find a wild animal in a city based on nothing but a phone call is extremely high; there's basically no chance they're gonna find it if you lose sight of it more than a few minutes before they arrive.

  12. Expanded to "mature" teenagers IIRC. With or without parent consent.

  13. The barriers for minors are incredibly high compared to everyone else; the expectation industry-wide is that the only minors who will be approved will be seriously terminally ill, and any other hypothetical applicants will ultimately be railroaded until they turn 18.

  14. That's a fair point, I'm not defending them, I'm not even saying it's likely something will change, but to sling pessimistic statements of fact based on something we haven't seen the full effects of is too knee-jerky for me.

  15. Alan straight-up controls the company, he has a high enough ownership stake that he is deadass the man in charge. He appointed himself CEO. He has all the company's voting power. Their statement doesn't even say that Alan is taking a leave of absence; he is still the top man.

  16. I don't know if it's plague but it's definitively cheating. Each artist should have been asked the right to use their creation in the AI database

  17. That's gonna be one of the next big rounds of litigation in tech. It's already in its preliminary rounds.

  18. The only reason I didn't get into ygo again was every card being a fucking novel now.

  19. Yugioh will always suffer for their decision to refuse to use keywords. There are so many cards that do the same shit but all take a novel.

  20. Also, isn't the black israelite a member of his family? the one that gives him a call in the start of FEAR

  21. Lamar's pretty private but he's dropped hints about being a black hebrew israelite before, he also mentioned doubting Kyrie (Irving) in another song.

  22. I think the problem is, I as working person (maybe my vantage is skewed) know 5 people who are on disability, 4 of them are definitely scamming. I think we could raise the disability amount for the truly disabled by cutting off the scammers. Of course, easier said than done.

  23. lmao it is so fucking hard to get on disability pretty much everywhere, I'd love to hear this because this is some of the most dogshit I've ever heard in my life.

  24. Okay okay that is true but from when I have spoken to him he has said he used to be on 4chan a lot but hates the version of himself when he used to be

  25. Damn that's the weakest apologia for fascism I've ever fuckin seen lmao

  26. Do you have proof of this? I don’t think I ever saw that and I played a lot on Charlie War 1

  27. I'll dig through my VODs and see if I can find it, but it's like 100+ hours of video so don't get your hopes up.

  28. "As a dealer we have no control over the parts supply and Hyundai Canada has little control as well. We are experiencing a global supply chain problem that has had a great effect on our industry and many others as well.

  29. Nowhere in here does it actually make it clear that they communicated that storage on their property was at your own risk.

  30. It was a 7yo vehicle. no dealer is going to pay for indoor storage lol. This article paints Hyundai bad but I can guarantee you now every dealer would have done this.

  31. Maybe from all the negative Wardens on the subreddit !?

  32. Maybe the Wardens should stop posting everyday about how bad the game is to convince the dev's to scale back the most amazing update in the history of the game ?

  33. There are people who have a job and still can't get a home.

  34. Sounds like a capitalism problem and not just a drug problem then, doesn't it?

  35. Well that's a pretty wide brush to paint with.

  36. I think any system where employed people can't afford a place to live is fundamentally failing.

  37. really? only cause you dont know how maybe?

  38. Man the fact that I have to jump through all these hoops to do it is just proving my point lmao

  39. ... it transfers a crypto asset into a fiat.

  40. Have you seen what state the homeless leave housing they are given?

  41. Yeah just give them housing. Ppl that just had a propane explosion will do very well by just simple being given housing

  42. He actually used to put out some decent content but the 2020 election seemed to have broken his brain.

  43. He was shit long before the 2020 election, and regularly went to social outings with straight-up white supremacists.

  44. Like this entire thread so far has been people explaining the reasons they dislike Able and then Able players coming along and proving their point by being condescending dicks.

  45. Um...OSHA only requires that employers provide access to potable water. It does not say that have to provide cups or anything of that nature. Access to potable water can be a sink with a faucet.

  46. That does not say that they are required to provide drinking cups 🙄

  47. While it’s unquestionable the conservative plan is magnitudes worse than the liberal climate plan, I take issue with framing the conservative stance as a constant through time. I’d be hard pressed to believe the current CONSERVATIVE voter base has the same view on climate now as they did under Harper.

  48. You're right, it's worse, they believe it's a hoax as opposed to just not giving a shit.

  49. Mainstream Canadian conservative voters believe this?

  50. Fucking absolutely, all that American garbage leaks over the border. We have fucking QAnon in Canada my dude.

  51. It's pretty well-known that the algorithm rewards the face stuff but nobody is sure why

  52. That's honestly a marked improvement from what I would have expected from a Catholic school even a decade ago. The kids are alright.

  53. One of my favourite moments in high school was when a group of those anti-abortion protestors showed up outside with their pictures of dead kids, so the student council president walked outside, stripped down to his underwear in front of them and just stood there acting like he was one of them.

  54. Guy has pictures on his Facebook burning pride flags. Nice try.

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