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  1. First bullish thing since RC ragpulled us. Still holding @21.35 avg. LFG!

  2. Have you checked The Funded Trader? Great firm with trader oriented approach plus great scaling size.

  3. What keeps you motivated and true to your core values such as integrity and trasparency?

  4. TFT is beacon of integrity and trader oriented business model. Gotta love it

  5. There’s a reason we have no idea what Cohen is doing because he doesn’t want to give it away. He’s not crucial for this business to survive or for this thing to squeeze but I do think he is still planning something but it would be foolish to let everyone know before it is executed.

  6. Why are we keep hyping and talking about potential dates then? I first got in @11 before run-up and heard nothing but bad news. RC selling right for squeeze play, RC buying BABY, eom announcement(which they listened cramer's dilute shares idea), now regsho sneeze. This shit wont go back to 30, let alone moon, unles we either completely shaken out or play dead.

  7. Without RC, Tritton would've bankrupted this company within the year. His letter and involvement changed the leadership and direction of BBBY.

  8. Without RC none of us would've invested in this company in the first place.

  9. Dates are tempting, but they could as well just be hopium.

  10. Exactly. I keep checking here and the date is always being postponed. Expectations are hurting more than bags at this point

  11. I think about the same. It just keeps getting lower. At this rate they might avoid regsho

  12. I mean +35. Afaik thats the bigger sneeze

  13. You are absolutely right about Gorbachov. We have waaaay too many people dont know how terrible USSR was and communism is. People think it's a fairytale. Some even see Cuba as paradise

  14. I think this was pretty bad news. Remember when they said "happy to announce we reached constructive agreement with RC"? Where is the agreement?

  15. Some other shit. Shittiest available on market

  16. Well, i'll give you a good reason! I have 1500 shares at $13 after some fuckery (had 2000 shares, a margin call was involved). Put a $43 sell order for 500 of them so, if the price goes to that and my sell order fills, i'll have covered my initial investment and will be much more relax knowing i'm playing with pure profit money. Pretty easy and i did the same exact thing with GME for good results (5k to 50k)

  17. Because for some, selling at $30 would/could be life changing. Waiting for $40 and seeing it sell off AH down to $20and below would crush alot of people who Yolo'd into weeklies with bad strikes.

  18. :4263: Its already 13.58 AH💎👐🚀🌚🍉

  19. This the last time we see red here for a while excluding 🍉

  20. But the DD is done. If you’ve been here since Jan 21, or at least read it all, the thesis is simple.

  21. There is no "us" or "we". I like the stock

  22. If you want to see what comments have been deleted or orphaned you can go

  23. Didn't know shit was this bad. Almost every post i made got deleted. Wow.

  24. Didnt see my name 270 shares not selling before moon. LFG!

  25. BBBY only play left for me, after that one gonna wait it out and wait for nice discounts

  26. So puts? You know you can yolo puts as well right?

  27. Idk if markets gonna go down. Just pointing unusual amount of lambos with wsb plates. After nasdaq fell 4% in a day. Kinda sus dont you think

  28. Yapsaydık is wish we had done it and second one (probably yaptıysak) is what if we have done it

  29. Yaptıksa also correct. Sounds gangsta

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