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  1. Psycho zaku but i dont wanna get my limbs replaced so full armor gundam (gundam thunderbolt)

  2. But what is he supposed to do with it when he doesn't have a plate of peljmeni?

  3. One of the reason i like cosmos is in the series he land like he bout to kick somebody with his kung fu stand

  4. As long as it’s personal use and you give me credit, sure. i give you a permission

  5. The empire : we should make a big robot with ours remaining budget if we dont have enough for a head slap on a at-st for more fire power

  6. Hmm barbatos exia and god will be the last one standing but still is gonna be a close call

  7. My grand parent was away to singapore to get a heath check i was all alone at that times they said they only gone for a week but it turn out 2 months and 15 day because they have to visit japans too i was scare because my house is big that times my uncle and aunt went on vacation so as a 7 grade child i was love it at first but night come i had to turn on 3 different light in each room to feel safe i keep thinking i heard strange noises but there was nothing at that times i keep walking around to check if anything change or check for ghost then at night like really late i hear many thing drop down like chair pots and pans i was so scare i lock away the door and then my aunt friend call me and check if everything is ok i tell them something is in the kitchen they hurry and rush over went they got there i throw the keys to the house down to them so they can get in then they call me down and see just a cat his head was stuck in a paper bag so he go beyblade mode so that is my experience

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