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  1. We're pretty sure someone made a typo. Suprise people at corporate are clueless. The cinnamon caramel recipe cfcb build was supposed to be exactly like the Irish cream cold brew. 2 pumps cinnamon caramel syrup in the cup and 2 pumps cinnamon caramel syrup in the foam, topped with cinnamon dolce sprinkles.

  2. It's coming... new equipment, new procedures. Fresh baked croissants, cookies, etc.

  3. Something 2/3 decaf. It’s really not all that bad but definitely makes you stop for a minute and do math

  4. My manager told us at our store to just ring it in as a water with inclusions so we make the moment right … which I agree isn’t fair to all the other stores at all

  5. "All of Starbucks' marketing materials are digitally enhanced. Your drink is never, ever going to look like the picture."

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