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  1. Internal Med in the Midwest. I love my program and honestly have loved residency.

  2. Rajma Chawal is my favorite bean dish. It's essentially an Indian red kidney bean curry dish with spices, onions and tomatoes served with rice.

  3. I feel like OGL move might fit the bill. The clothes are suitable for working out and they've got really cute silhouettes and colors.

  4. came on this thread because I feel extremely burnt out and frustrated. Got a lower score than have been getting previously and I just want to cry. I find myself getting distracted during blocks I feel so behind in life. I feel like the pandemic erased a couple years of my life and It was my birthday recently so now I just feel old and broke. :( Sorry for ranting on your rant, what I'm trying to say is I totally understand

  5. I use Dorland's wax medium; you can apply multiple layers to make it waterproof. I haven't had my paintings long enough to know how well it protects against UV rays though.

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