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  1. I’m sure there’s more to the story than what you shared, but based only on what you wrote, you are putting your time and effort into the wrong thing. Instead of doing a background check, work on extracting your friend from this relationship. It doesn’t matter if the abuser murdered his ex or shat rainbows and kittens on his ex. Fact is, he is being abusive to your friend now, and that’s enough without having to dig up extra proof

  2. I get this is a volunteer position. But I want to know roughly the amount of time per week that an average mod spends cleaning up things on this sub. Like, I would want to do a good job, but I would also not want to make this into a job. I get how it can vary depending on how many posts and comments, but a ballpark idea would help

  3. Respect him because he is not ready for a relationship. And respect yourself because you’re looking for a relationship. You’re just not compatible at this time, so best to end it

  4. Yeah so weird, like who wants to pay to read the NY Daily News??? That journalism is about 1 level above being written by a bot.

  5. It’s not the interview that should get backlash, it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene

  6. I thought the FU was going to be that he accepted your resignation letter immediately and then said it was a relief because they were going to eliminate your position next month and weren’t sure how to tell you, but you made it easy on them

  7. I would have left it at the door and ran away, I wouldn’t have knocked

  8. As long as your clothes were clean all this time and you didn’t end up missing a random sock too often, it was okay!

  9. I thought this was going to be a joke post, like Spider-Man is important because he keeps the multiverse together with his webs

  10. Yeah, some churches aren’t big on inclusion and like to form their cliques. My advice is to find a new church where they appreciate you

  11. Is this a current professor? If so, will your school cancel classes in his honor?

  12. Yes it is, would millions of guys be struggling to quit it if it didn't afflict their souls?

  13. I don’t think that’s the only reason guys want to reduce or quit masturbating. Lots of non-Catholics and non-religious have their reasons also

  14. I’m not going to watch those videos. I’m going to go to do other things. You should spend less time online in general and on tiktok in particular instead of watching things that will make you mad and trying to share your anger

  15. I don’t understand how the title of your post connects to the rest of your post, can you explain?

  16. Justified or not, it’s hard to hold him accountable today for a isolated incident from when he was 10 years old

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